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Dating advice, apparently.

Josh Hawley (r) [2016 file photo].

This evening:

Josh Hawley @HawleyMO
Yes. I did. And I’m right.
6:29 PM · Dec 18, 2022

Eeew. Like there’s some sort of an equivalence? There are quite a few degrees of seperation between the two.

Some of the responses:

Strange, politicians now telling us how to find dates…not sure i get behind that one.

Gosh you’re so manly Josh. Tell us more.

You turned off the porn? This might shock you but women watch it too

We see what you did there.

Why are you acting like it’s one or the other? Weirdo. And I don’t know how to break this to you but women watch porn too. Sometimes a couple will even – gasp – watch porn together.

Sure, why spend time doing something to improve the lives of your actual constituents when it’s so much easier to rake muck, project, and fear-monger?

Who decided you get to define how other people live?

Yeah, Hawkey. Like you’re believable. You are an arrogant, indecent COWARD. I left the Republican Party because of you, tRUMP and your ilk. Never again. Never.

And here is Hawley wasting time not doing anything for the state of Missouri as usual

The last person I would take advice on dating and women from is Running Adolph.

Dude gutting the rights of 3,000,000+ Missouri women and little girls gives advice on dating.. [….] swipe “left” ladies..

We see what you did there.

Do you have time to tell me more or do you gotta run?

Except you’re not right and you need to stop projecting your porn addiction off on everyone else.

You’re an idiot.