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Josh Hawley (r) [2016 file photo].


Josh Hawley @HawleyMO
Nice that Mayor Pete had time to vacation in Europe while forcing rail workers to go without sick days
4:46 PM · Dec 14, 2022

A few of the responses:

Secretary Pete. Acting like his trip was a defining reason for anything regarding rail workers is crap.

The day you choose the side of workers will be your first.

You’re a seditionist and a child? Go figure.

Keep Pete’s name out of your mouth Running Man.

Can we assume in solidarity with the rail workers you are never taking a vacation, Comrade?

Solidarity forever.

Pretending you care about workers. Hahahaha

Why did the right vote against rail workers? Also, we’re all allowed to take vacations.

Nice to see that have plenty of sick time so you can troll all day.

That would be Secretary Pete, you pathetic showboat.

And yet, he was still working. Can’t say the same for you and the other traitors.

Remember that time after encouraging people to storm the Capitol, you ran like a coward from those same people?

Republicans don’t care about sick days for rail workers. They just wanted to trick unions into hurting the supply chain with a strike so they make all unions the bad guys. Republicans don’t want people to unionize or to have reasonable benefits.

There’s that.

Hahaha! Pete scares you. Hahaha!

Can you sponsor a bill to ensure every worker in the US has sick days?

The sad part is that you know what you are doing.
Obviously, you have no shame.

The Republican insurrectionist now wants us to believe he cares for the American worker [….]

Since when do you care about workers rights? Jog on, you’re good at that.

That’s Secretary Buttigieg, Josh.

It was Republicans who voted down sick days. And he’s the Transportation Secretary.

Also nice that Pete worked during his vacation. Hard working dems is what this country needs more of!

so people aren’t allowed to take vacation? Perhaps we should look into how many vacation days you’ve used vs how much actual work you’ve done

I guess you don’t take vacations

Hey, remember that one time you ran away from an angry mob you helped incite? Good times, Joshy.

How does this tweet help the residents of Missouri?

You sound both desperate and jealous. You are a sad little man

You have no standing here, you anti-union bootlicking corporate shill.

There’s that.

You sound like you wanted a railroad strike.