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This morning, from Josh Hawley (r):

Josh Hawley @HawleyMO
Interesting 👇
10:26 AM · Nov 19, 2022

Not particularly.

What does this have to do with the price of beer in Westport?

The Institute for Family Studies (IFS) is a conservative “think tank” which, according to its website, has the expressed mission “to strengthen marriage and natural family and advancing the well-being of children through research and public education.” [….]

The Institute for Family Studies (IFS) is a think tank which promotes right-of-center policies intended to improve family formation and child care. The institute also supports conservative perspectives towards marriage and family structure. [….]

Some of the responses to Josh Hawley (r):

Including 2 men?

Nah, bro. Being poor makes people unhappy. Pretty straight forward.

Also, not getting married is a the outcome of being poor. You’ve got this all backwards, which is telling because you’re part of the wealthy ruling class and don’t understand the lives of poor people.

There are many paths to happiness, not all include marriage. Be careful about making assumptions about other people’s marriages and their happiness.

Just imagine if government kept their nose out of marriage all together.

You are so out of touch……

confusing cause and effect isn’t interesting

Josh gives off youth pastor vibes.

In other news, Josh Hawley has announce his first bill for the 118th Congress. Said Hawley, “The Forced Labor and Marriage Act will codify into law that women must be happy, must marry and must only work as mother and homemaker. Under pain of death.” [….]

Methinks Josh wants a lord serf style relationship in America.

I find your legal problems much more interesting.

Turning your back on the obvious. Poorer people have harder lives and more stress. It’s really hard to believe Josh has any idea of how tough it is not to have enough money.

I bet women who are married to men who respect their bodily autonomy are much happier than those who are married to narcissistic misogynists. Maybe you know someone you can poll?

@HawleyMO is probably already drafting legislation to institute forced marriage in America.

Unbelievable number of haters….wonder why runner guy!

Oh, bullshit.

It is hard enough for an old Centrist to see so much irrationality coming from the Republican lawmakers. But to READ their logic is unbearable.

Josh Hawley (r) [2016 file photo].