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Today from Josh Hawley (r):

Josh Hawley @HawleyMO
The big three credit card companies say they will start tracking gun purchases, making it easier to track gun owners – and to stop sales. Big threat to Second Amendment rights. I want to know from the corporations why they capitulated to the anti-2A lobby
9:47 AM · Sep 13, 2022

There was much hilarity in the responses:

They track what I buy in when , where.

No one makes me use it , not government so not an issue.

Pay cash when you go to the strip club.

Has NOTHING to do with 2nd amendment.
Everything to do with catching criminals.

Why does tracking weapon ownership make you nervous?

How many kids need to be liquified in their classrooms?

Then don’t buy a gun with a credit card [….]

Why do ” good guys with guns” always worry about who knows they have guns? If you have them legally, what’s the problem? If they can track people buying guns illegally, what’s the problem?

There is nothing in the Constitution that gives you the right to have your gun ownership be secret.

That’s not how any of this works. They are not tracking gun purchases. They are categorizing retailers that sell guns for risk assessment purposes. They have been doing this for decades with various types of businesses.

I’m sorry, but as a gun owner, why do I care if they track my purchase? Its not like I’m trying to shoot up a school and then offering thoughts and prayers. [….]

Please tell me what in the world is wrong with making sure guns don’t get into the wrong hands?

Because it’s bad business to passively encourage mass murder? Meh, you’re a traitor, so you wouldn’t get it

Sure the second amendment stipulate ownership should remain secret? I thought it said you had the right to bear. Why would anybody want to keep it a secret?

But its perfectly OK for anti-abortion states to track women’s period and ovulation private app data. Hypocrite!

You went to law school? Please explain how this is a “big threat to 2nd amendment rights?

How does the constitution force credit card companies to do business a certain way?

I dont understand how this has anything to do with the second amendment

How do these policies oppose the 2A support of militias?

They don’t.

You troll with lies. That’s all you can do.


Josh, you may have a right to bear arms but

1. Credit card company owns it until you pay the item off, and if they don’t track it, they can’ t repo it.

2 your right to own it was never a ‘ secret’ right.

Tracking is not prohibiting. So no affect on 2nd Amendment rights.

Would you really characterize the purchase of a firearm as exactly the same as the purchase of any “other retail products,” such as top shelf wine or a gym membership or Federalist Society dues, or might it be in some hard-to-figure way kind of different?

We see what you did there.

They track all your purchases. Always have [….]

there is this super archaic way of buying stuff without anyone being able to track you. you may have heard of it. it’s called cash

I believe credit card companies have the right to decide what can and can’t be bought on their credit. Stop interfering with business – just run away.

When you buy mdse using a credit card, some include damage/loss protection. They need to know what you purchased if they decide not to offer this protection on specific items. Think. It’s enlightening.

But it’s ok to want to track women’s menstrual cycles right? Not at all an invasive of privacy. RUN along sir

“The sound of children screaming has been removed.”

They do this for gas, groceries, and restaurants too. Are my rights to those threatened? Knowing that you purchased a gun with a credit card in no way restricts you from buying one. There is always cash.

You think he spent it all at the strip club?

Just asking.

Josh Hawley (r) [2016 file photo].