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Michael L. Parson
57th Governor of Missouri
Governor Parson is a veteran who served six years in the United States Army. He served more than 22 years in law enforcement, including 12 years as the sheriff of Polk County. [….]

Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure
Rule 41. Search and Seizure
f) Executing and Returning the Warrant.

(1) Warrant to Search for and Seize a Person or Property.

(A) Noting the Time. The officer executing the warrant must enter on it the exact date and time it was executed.

(B) Inventory. An officer present during the execution of the warrant must prepare and verify an inventory of any property seized. The officer must do so in the presence of another officer and the person from whom, or from whose premises, the property was taken. If either one is not present, the officer must prepare and verify the inventory in the presence of at least one other credible person. In a case involving the seizure of electronic storage media or the seizure or copying of electronically stored information, the inventory may be limited to describing the physical storage media that were seized or copied. The officer may retain a copy of the electronically stored information that was seized or copied.

(C) Receipt. The officer executing the warrant must give a copy of the warrant and a receipt for the property taken to the person from whom, or from whose premises, the property was taken or leave a copy of the warrant and receipt at the place where the officer took the property. For a warrant to use remote access to search electronic storage media and seize or copy electronically stored information, the officer must make reasonable efforts to serve a copy of the warrant and receipt on the person whose property was searched or who possessed the information that was seized or copied. Service may be accomplished by any means, including electronic means, reasonably calculated to reach that person.

(D) Return. The officer executing the warrant must promptly return it—together with a copy of the inventory—to the magistrate judge designated on the warrant. The officer may do so by reliable electronic means. The judge must, on request, give a copy of the inventory to the person from whom, or from whose premises, the property was taken and to the applicant for the warrant.

Governor Mike Parson (r) [2018 file photo].


Governor Mike Parson @GovParsonMO
I share the concerns of many Missourians and Americans regarding yesterday’s search of President Trump’s home.
5:09 PM · Aug 9, 2022

You sure it’s not a private club, resort, hotel?

Governor Mike Parson @GovParsonMO
The unsupported and hostile targeting of a former President by the FBI and DOJ detaches them from their independent and nonpartisan law enforcement duty.

Political motivation and gamesmanship destroy public trust in our justice system. Now is time for transparency.
5:09 PM · Aug 9, 2022

Governor Mike Parson @GovParsonMO
Never have such actions been taken against a former President, and the White House’s denial of knowledge about such an unprecedented move is either a lie or complete failure of leadership.

The DOJ must immediately answer for these actions.
5:09 PM · Aug 9, 2022

There was much hilarity in the responses:

Let me get this straight. A former sheriff is not backing the blue? So, when you had evidence of crimes, did you just say “meh, screw it,” and let criminals crime? You *know* the DOJ will be in a heap of hurt if these are trumped up changes.

Wasn’t you a sheriff at some point? So you should know that to get that kind the evidence has to be really compelling. So are you saying that certain people should be above the law?

He was.

Maybe it’s time to revisit the governors past LEO career. If he’s willing to let one man off the hook for taking classified files home after his term, what else did he let slide? Any unsolved murders during his time as sheriff?


Weren’t you in law enforcement? You should be ashamed, break the law, face the consequences.

You want a dictator.

No one should be above the law, even more so the wealthiest and most powerful among us. President Trump ran his entire administration as a part of his lifelong pattern of criminal behavior. You know this; we all know this. Stand up against criminal autocracy

Oh my gawd. I would be much more concerned if the FBI did not perform it’s legal duties. Should any elected American leader be allowed to steal and hide official documents?

The “concerns” are based on lies & an anti-American desire to hold one party above the law.

You should be defending the rule of law, telling those who are “concerned” that they are wrong to attack the rule of law, not supporting the lawlessness.

Your anti-LEO rhetoric is wrong.

It’s ironic.

Please don’t make an embarrassment of yourself in service of Trump again.

Too late.

Why is this statement being made at all? I’m sure no one was clamoring to know what the governor of Missouri thought about the situation. Yes, it is precedented. No, it is not unsupported. The court/judge signing the order knows the evidence. It isn’t for the public to know. Yet.

Yes, it is so worrisome when those to whom we bow are treated the same under the law as everybody else.

If you’re so concerned about a legally executed search warrant, it’s probably time to resign. Please don’t return to law enforcement; you’re obviously unsuited for that.

This is a shameful response. The rule of law applies to everyone in a democracy. If you don’t stand for that, you don’t stand for democracy.
#GOPTraitorsToDemocracy #GOPCorruptionOverCountry #VoteBlue

The complete lack of respect for law enforcement is stunning coming from a former LEO. You could’ve said nothing and not disgraced yourself.

Completely inappropriate response.

You don’t know the facts.

How do you know search warrant was “unsupported?”
“Hostile?” Trump wasn’t even there.
You’re Lying.

He appointed the FBI director, he appointed the federal prosecutor, he appointed the judge. These were his appointees. [….]

Trump will never love you.

No, you don’t. They had a warrant. That’s the legal process supported by the Constitution and legal precedent. Are you anti-Constitution? Are you anti-Law and Order?

Are you against following the law? Anti-Democracy? Anti-Missouri? Anti-American? Don’t bother answering, Parson. We already know.

I’m truly blown away. At what time did you think those statements helps Missouri in anyway. Wow… and you replaced Greitens… pan into the fire.

Was it in Missouri?

No, then why comment?

It’s clearly an ongoing active criminal investigation into someone who has multiple criminal investigations going on.

He’s a citizen, not a king.

He’s subject to the same laws as every other citizen. He’s not a king.

No one is above the law Governor. No one.

Trump has the warrant, he can release it and the list of things they took too.


“…The officer executing the warrant must give a copy of the warrant and a receipt for the property taken to the person from whom, or from whose premises, the property was taken…”

Mike,the former Pres can and should post the full warrant and every line of it. He has a copy of every item they were search for as well as each law that may have been broken. The DOJ can’t publish or release it yet but he can as a private guy. He CAN not sure he’d want to

Wait, so you DON’T support law enforcement?

Is somebody nervous?

Oh they shared the warrant with you?

I’m not concerned. I didn’t take boxes of classified material home just to use as props for friends at my house/golf club.

Unsupported? How would you know???

Like when he’ll go public with the warrant. He absolutely can you know. It’ll surely vindicate him, no?

What? It’s an investigation. Tell your boy to show us the warrant! It’s all in there.

Nobody is above the law, governor.

Bad combover. Check. Too long red tie. Check. Orange spray tan. Check. Tiny hands. Check. Cluelessness. Check…


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