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Mary Elizabeth Coleman (r) [2019 file photo].

Yestwerday evening:

MaryElizabethColeman @meaccoleman
Some candidates talk about supporting conservative policies during the campaign. I have a real conservative record of protecting our freedom and liberties.
6:02 PM · Jul 22, 2022

There is much hilarity in the responses:

Conservative government is destroying Missouri. We need less of it not more.

Define freedom!

Nope. Not true at all.

Aren’t small government & local control “conservative values”? So why do you support laws to remove local control and tell people they have to follow your religious beliefs?

“I have a real conservative record of restricting, and even erasing, our freedom and liberties.” There, fixed it for you.

And let’s remember that in your world “protecting our freedom and liberties” actually means attacking and actively undermining people’s freedom and liberties. #FuckAbortionBans

You defend only the freedoms you want and the religion you want. This is who you are.

Your record proves you are MAGA GOP intent on destroying Missouri by being against high quality and safe public schools, women’s and minorities rights, and our democracy. No votes for you!

Isn’t your record that of crudely taunting and threatening to take away reproductive rights from Missourians and hanging out with fascists? [….]

Yeah I’m pretty sure I’ve lost freedom and liberties but go off Mary.

Sorry umm what’s this freedom and liberty do you speak of? Because your track record shows that you willfully and deliberately helped make women of Missouri second class citizens.

Protecting who’s freedom and liberties? Please! You’re doing no such thing. This tweet is a lie. Stop lying.

Hey MaryElizabeth? You need to keep your religion to yourself. You have absolutely no respect for the constitution and are so full of yourself that you think you know what is best for other people that you don’t even know.

They consider that a feature, not a bug.


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