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“…The fairness doctrine took effect shortly after the creation of the Federal Radio Commission (FRC) in 1927 and was continued by its successor, the FCC, until the late 1980s. In its 1929 Great Lakes Broadcasting Co. decision, the FRC asserted that the “public interest requires ample play for the free and fair competition of opposing views, and the Commission believes that the principle applies to all discussions of issues of importance to the public….”

The Fairness Doctrine died in 1987 when Ronald Reagan (r) was in office.

“…On January 21, 2010, the Supreme Court issued a ruling in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission overruling an earlier decision, Austin v. Michigan State Chamber of Commerce (Austin), that allowed prohibitions on independent expenditures by corporations. The Court also overruled the part of McConnell v. Federal Election Commission that held that corporations could be banned from making electioneering communications….”

Where Roy Blunt (r) tries to pretend he’s never heard of Citizens United or the Fairness Doctrine:

Senator Roy Blunt @RoyBlunt
It’s hard to have truly fair elections when large email platforms are deciding which messages can easily reach voters and which get buried in a spam folder.
3:40 PM · Jun 15, 2022

What’s the matter Roy, you can’t buy any stamps or newspapers?

Some of the responses:

It’s hard to have truly fair elections when $20 Billion is being spent just on political campaigns ensuring divisive & emotionally charged messaging can easily reach voters. Time to revoke Citizens United & shine a blinding light on Dark Money contributions.

It’s hard to have truly fair elections when large mobs are deciding to usurp voters by seeking to bury the vice president.

Trust me when I say that the contents of my SPAM folder were never the reason that I didn’t vote for you.

Perhaps my emails to you to get your thoughts on common sense gun control in Missouri HAVE gotten stuck in your SPAM box, though, since I sure haven’t heard back from you.

You going to complain about dial-up speeds next? Gas prices, milk prices, and spam emails. So glad I have a senator who’s focused on solving the biggest problems of 1998

Try a decade before that.

It’s hard to have truly fair elections when you put obstacles in the way of voting, and put people in positions of power whose stated purpose is to only verify results where Republicans win.

How about when one side storms the capitol to overthrow the results of the election?

Distract and deflect…. What does the 1/6 committee have on you? Might your name be coming up?

Restore the Fairness Doctrine and help cure the evils of Fox News

“Faux News channel, fascist groupies” – protest sign, circa 2003- 2004.

Maybe if your messages are going to spam your messages are spammy bullshit.

So you don’t understand how it works

Also when the nra buys the allegiance of a Senator like you. #ComplicitCorruptGOP

Roy Blunt (r) [2016 file photo].