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Josh Hawley (r) [2016 file photo].


Josh Hawley @HawleyMO
You’re changing their lives alright – $5+ gas, no baby formula, historic inflation, historic crime wave
11:26 AM · Jun 14, 2022

Some of the comments:

Gee. If only you were in a position to vote on something that would help.. oh, wait. [….]

come and tell us your ideas. i think a town hall is in order.

Damn, dude, you should be working to improve the gas prices, instead of playin on twitter.

Inflation is worldwide caused by a two year pandemic, price gouging and Putin’s war.

What are you doing about it Josh?


Heh. We see what you did there.

What are YOUR concrete solutions?

Pardon me?

How would you advise the president on these important issues?

What’s the gop plan?

And what’s your plan?

We don’t want or need your kind of change

Pardon for you?

Seditionist says what?

I still can’t believe you took up a slot at Yale Law. You could be leading, doing good work, genuinely helping to advance society. Instead, you’re pandering, you’re pushing backwards, you’re self-aggrandizing. What a waste.