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This morning, from the pet of the big money interests:

Josh Hawley @HawleyMO
Excited to be on the trail with Vicky Hartzler all around the state this week. Today takes us to St. Louis and mid-MO
9:57 AM · Jun 1, 2022

Josh (r) in Missouri? Surely you jest.

Josh Hawley (r) [2016 file photo].

Some of the responses:

Which state: the one you represent or the one where you live?

“supposed to represent”

Thanks for the warning. I’ll stay out of St. Louis today.[….]

Weird choice to call it The Storming the SCIF Tour

So, no posted agenda of stops to speak with people?
Seems like a money train.
I have several questions for you. Do you have the balls to answer them on the record.
And, yes..I am calling you out.
Wanna play tough cowboy, I’ll be your Huckleberry.

Please let us know where and when you’ll be in Kansas City. I’d love to ask you both some questions.

I’m pretty sure you’re not actually going to St. Louis. Perhaps St. Charles or Wentzville or another equally far right conservative suburb of St. Louis. I doubt you and Vicky would receive a very warm welcome in St. Louis or in Kansas City, assuming you remember where KC is.

Oh, you’re visiting Missouri, the state where you’re supposed to be living?

Omg please come to STL and take questions from the folks that pay your salary. We have a lot to ask our junior senator. I need deets.

You don’t live in Missouri

You live in Virginia [….]

Your combined efforts legislatively oughta take Missouri back about 75 years

First time in MO ?

Hey Josh maybe you and Vicky can come to Liberty Mo on the evening so working class people can ask you real questions and get some answers!

Is this the first time you’ve been to Missouri?

Josh is too scared to go by himself because his constituents might not like him.

You’re a seditionist.

It’s rare that Missourians get to see their Senator because he lives in Virginia.

Oh my goodness Josh…how in the world did you find your way back to Missouri?

Do you even remember where Missouri is on a map? What are you doing to make sure our kids aren’t getting their faces blown off with ARs in their classrooms?

Cool. What are you two doing to keep my daughter safe in her school?

Nothing. Thoughts and prayers.

The treason tour.

Have a happy pride month

When are you coming “back” to Columbia? I’ll gather with my friends and come visit you and Vicky. We can tell you both how we really feel about issues you are sweeping under the rug. We are tired of OUR elected officials not doing their jobs! Loser!

Two whackjobs on a road trip. What a joke.

Homophobic bigot road trip!

Hawley, take a few minutes and scroll through the responses to your shitty tweets. As you can see, you are not very well liked, even by insane maga-heads. You really are comical and pathetic.

That’s funny $hit, do you even know where Missouri is? #Hawleyisafraud

Vicky Hartzler (r) [2016 file photo].