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Jason Smith (r) [2021 file photo].


Rep. Jason Smith @RepJasonSmith
Build the Keystone XL pipeline now!
11:02 AM · Apr 21, 2022

What, from five years ago?

Some of the responses:


Because he has no idea how the oil market works. He’s way out of his swim lane.

He can swim?

It takes CANADIAN oil to the Gulf of Mexico to be sold on the open market.

Jason knows this. He just hopes some of his constituents doesnt know he’s lying.

No? Canada can figure out how to move their own oil without screwing our land


Not the solution

Invest in 8-track cassettes now!

Why? What do you think that will accomplish?

So you’re a Canadien representative?

Jason Smith has so many tweets in the running for “dumbest tweet of the week”!

What an idiot!
All it does is transport bitumen from Canada to the Gulf for shipping to China. Jason wants China to get more fossil fuels. Jason LOVES China more than America. Traitor.

August 6, 2017 – Keystone Pipeline Protest and March – Lincoln, Nebraska.