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Not that we’re surprised.

Roy Blunt (r) [2016 file photo].


Senator Roy Blunt @RoyBlunt
There is no doubt Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson is well qualified to serve on the Supreme Court. However, her judicial philosophy is not one I can support.
10:26 AM · Apr 3, 2022

Senator Roy Blunt @RoyBlunt
With every Supreme Court nomination, I look at two things: (1) is the nominee qualified; and (2) are they guided by a judicial philosophy that a judge ought to apply the law and the Constitution as they are written.
10:26 AM · Apr 3, 2022

Senator Roy Blunt @RoyBlunt
While I will vote no on Judge Jackson’s confirmation, I believe her historic nomination is a proud moment for our country. [….]
10:26 AM · Apr 3, 2022

There was much hilarity in the responses:

Can’t have it both ways. Your statement clearly states that it is always politics over country.

You cannot have this both ways. If you think she is qualified, vote to confirm. Otherwise, you are blocking her historic nomination and have no claim to celebrate it.

You do not get to play this both ways, sorry. What about Amy Coney Barrett made her so qualified? Kavangh? You simply do not want to see change of this nature. Your perspective is exactly why I am no longer a republican after 40 yrs of voting.

Jesus H Christ.

Always party over country. Always.

So she’s qualified and her nomination is a proud moment for the country. But one that you don’t support? You can’t be proud for this moment in our history if you’re on the wrong side of it.

Blunt had a chance to support qualified, brilliant black judge and make history in a good way.
Trump Senator Blunt failed

Good to see you’re holding the Republican line to the end. No one could claim you bring an independent thinker, Mitch raised you well.

The former guy has you well trained in double speak. None of what you say makes any sense. Why didn’t you just say “I will not vote for her”. PERIOD.

Funny, Clarence Thomas meets the criteria for being removed from the bench and was never qualified to be nominated for associate justice to begin with.
So there’s that.

“I believe her historic nomination is a proud moment for our country.” NO YOU DON’T.

You just defend “#Hypocrisy” for all time.

You embarrass me as a Missourian


Judicial philosophy? Bullshit…you won’t vote for her because she’s black, female, and a whole helluva lot smarter and more principled than you are.

Yet another politician, trying to play “both sides of the street”. An activity that so many politicians are proficient at. In fact, it may be their most common ‘talent’. Apparently, Mr. Blunt is so out of touch with rationality, that he thinks that his doubletalk is reasonable.

You have no honor, sir. I guess you didn’t see her hearing. She did not define her judicial philosophy other than to say that it is a methodology. She wouldn’t let the Republicans define her and then use that against her. Not voting for her is sheer meanness and bad politics.

Coward, hypocrite

It also means that your “no” vote is a disgraceful moment for our country.

We didn’t expect YOU to vote for her. So this isn’t new. You had your mind made up well before she was nominated. It would be a no for anyone nominated by President Biden. And that’s the real truth. I can’t wait till you’re gone.

This is the stupidest thing you could possibly write.

Utterly useless for Missouri.

Yada Yada Yada. Of course you’re voting no. You don’t have permission from Mitch. #Spineless


Roy, you are a hypocrite. Judge Jackson is highly qualified for this appointment. Her previous roles were for a life-time appointment. You cannot celebrate this “proud” moment if you were not part of it. You voted for whining/sniveling Kavanaugh. You are a political hack.

Just stop it… “U will vote no, but “it’s a proud moment for our country” Pure garbage. If you really thought it was proud, it would make sense that you voted yes. Stop playing American people for fools.

Sounds like you expect a judge to use their political views to make their decisions. Also sounds like you have no idea what you’re talking about.

Talking out of both sides of your mouth. Pathetic.

You are an embarrassment

You’re a fraud. My only regret with you finally leaving the Senate is that I won’t be able to vote against you again.

You are a disgrace.

What a jackass. It is politicians like Roy Blunt, who’s clownish attempts to have it both ways are disgraceful, that have given charlatan con men such as Donald Trump the opening, or vacuum of competency and honesty that they needed, in order to attract their own followers.

But, alas, it is certainly not a “proud moment” for Roy Blunt, who has shown publicly that what is of greatest importance to him is not loyalty to the United States, or fair play, but instead, his own blind servitude to the Republican Party. Another cynical, corrupt politician.

You’re less than worthless