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Eric Schmitt (r) [2021 file photo].


Eric Schmitt @Eric_Schmitt
We’re in a fight to Save America.
If the Left wants to remake America, they’re going to have to take it from our cold, dead hands…

Let’s go fight. Let’s go win. Let’s go Brandon!” #CPAC2022 @CPAC #CPACFlorida #LetsGoBrandon
1:48 PM · Feb 27, 2022


Some of the responses:

What America are you trying to “save”: controlling women’s healthcare, not teaching the real history about America, returning LGBT Americans to the closet, making sure people of color know their place, doing whatever Putin wants?

You know openly calling for a Civil War is sedition right? And the last time seditionists called for a Civil War, it didn’t work out so well for them. Just saying.

They already have a flag.

Missouri’s Attorney General openly and shamelessly advocating for deadly violence against other Americans who disagree with him.

Fascism has indeed arrived in America. It’s dressed in a suit and tie and speaks of patriotism while flanked in the colors of the American flag.

Dude, just say, “Fuck Joe Biden!” and quit being such weirdos about it.

Fuck Donald Trump. Fuck you. Fuck your joke of a party. See how easy that was?

This is deeply embarrassing for you, and our state.

He doesn’t care.

Seldom have I seen such stomach-churning pandering. And the ‘let’s go Brandon’ is something you’d hear on an elementary school playground.

And you’re still going to lose to the pervert.

What is wrong with you? Has this type of verbiage and tactics ever created solutions for anyone? Look at Putin.

What’s with the Let’s go Brandon BS? It’s such a bore and none of you are as clever as you like to think you are when you say it. You’re just sounding like little children having a tantrum.

Why are you Republicans all so creepy? It’s like dealing with a H.S. Bully. You fools are losing your hair and you’re still name- calling your opponents. Probably cause you’re too stupid to inspire your base with ideas.

Got it. You renounce your oath to uphold the Constitution and the representative gov’t it defines, and instead, citizens who disagree with you politically will have to kill you if you don’t get your way.


(“F-ck Joe Biden!”? Really? Are you an AG, or in high school?)

You sound like everyone else on your side. Just another rightwing Trumpster bending a knee to kiss his ring.

Idle threat from a Christian radical terrorist. That’s all you have. No policy, no solutions, nothing but fear propaganda and that people like me, constitutionally protected Americans, are the enemy. As the Ukrainians say to people just like you Go Fuck Yourself

A guy that proudly claims he is a patriot and a Christian threatens violence against other Americans and cheers fvck the President of the United States on a Sunday morning.

You are such an embarrassment for Missouri! Such an awful, awful man!

Create a false narrative and pretend to be the savior. What a discusting piece of shit. Missourians should be totally ashamed that this man is our AG.

You are an absolute embarrassment to this state. Your craven pandering to the lunatic fringe is so disgusting it defies description. That an elected official would actually put the crap in a tweet that you just did shows a complete lack of fitness for office. Oh and Fuck You

You’re insane. Calm the fuck down.

Holy shit! You’re a massive fucking embarrassment

Eryc Schmitt (r) is the current Attorney General of Missouri.