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Somebody might read what you wrote. Probably not.

More meta.

Occasionally a post here will generate a lot of traffic. With that we sometimes get rambling illiterate responses or inscrutable sentences posted as comments. There appears to be a correlation.

When anyone posts a comment here at Show Me Progress their email and IP addresses are attached to the comment.

All comments are held in moderation until approved. Illiterate responses are held in perpetuity – they won’t appear with the original post. However, we can and have devoted “Meta” posts mocking such content.

This morning, we had two comments posted in reaction to Is that how it is in Virginia? – highlighting right wingnut Josh Hawley’s (r) public pearl clutching over demographic questions on an agriculture survey. We kid you not.

To wit:

The hashtags you suggested completely discredited your article!! #pathetic

Oh, that’s a reference to the article tags. They’re not “suggested”. Those tage are added as a convenience for individuals doing keyword searches for content on Show Me Progress. Interestingly “Josh Hawley” and “Fascist pig” appear together because Josh Hawley (r) is a Fascist pig.

Josh Hawley (r) does live in Virginia.

Where do you people come from. Brainwashed by teachers and professors.

Apparently, sleeping through class is considered a virtue.


Is that how it is in Virginia? (February 18, 2022)