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Yesterday, from Josh Hawley (r):

Josh Hawley @HawleyMO
MO farmer sent me Biden Admin’s latest farm producer survey. It asks such important questions for farming as whether farmers identify as transgender, the gender they were at birth, their sexual orientation. For Joe Biden, even farming is about advancing his woke agenda
10:24 AM · Feb 17, 2022

So, what’s your point?

Some of the responses:

Wouldn’t it be good to know that farming is as diverse as other kinds of jobs in the US?

Josh @HawleyMO shows his ignorance and must not have ever taken a Research Methods course.
Demographic questions on questionnaires for race, gender, education, income group, etc is the gold standard practice for survey research. #Surveys101

@HawleyMO Can you explain how this promotes a ‘woke agenda.’

The USDA provides a wide variety of services to producers that transcend farming ops. They are specifically chartered to provide equity in access to those services and equal opportunity regardless of YOUR bigotry.

It actually is important to know how the dynamics of any profession have changed/are changing over time. Those types of surveys collect an abundance of information. And how else would we know if we didn’t ask questions?

Bingo! Josh doesn’t want anyone to know.

Don’t know how to tell you this Mr Manly, some people have different sexual orientations and are open and comfortable with their situation. You may have hang ups but don’t push them on others.

Gaining information, so as to be informed, is not the same as advancing an agenda. Do you believe that asking questions is the same thing as trying to push opinions or beliefs onto someone?

@HawleyMO do you personally know a #Missouri farmer? I’m asking since you live in Virginia

Did he send it to your Senate office or your home address in Virginia?

Being unable to fill out simple demographic questions without contacting your senator seems pretty fragile to me, but what do I know?

This survey was announced in December 2021 and was sent to you then (and was also published online). As a representative of a state where agriculture is such a huge part of the economy, why haven’t you read it before now? (I know you don’t actually live in Missouri, but still.)

And this what keeps @HawleyMO awake at night?

Recognizing and protecting underrepresented groups is important in all industries. And there are much bigger issues in ag than worrying about a survey. Spend your energy on fair pricing and protecting America’s food producers.

And this is relevant to your ability to do your job in what way??

Yes, because these are standard demographic questions. Why do you think this is unusual? You went to Stanford and Yale, I’m sure you saw demographic questionnaires asking about these variables all the time.

Why “even” farming? Is it somehow exempt from the rest of the world?

But, does the letter incite sedition? Asking for a friend…

We see what you did there.

I didn’t know collecting demographic percentages was so offensive to you, Josh Heehaw.

It says personal characteristic, and than asks questions about personal characteristics. What am I missing here?

A Missouri farmer “sent” you something? Thanks for reading. If you ever visited Missouri you could actually speak with some.

So? Tell him to fill out the damn form & you find something better to do.

Why does it bother you?

But you live in Virginia.

It’s a survey. What did he think you were going to do about it since you haven’t done anything at all.

So what.

You couldn’t find anything else to be but hurt about today?

I’m more surprised that MO farmer was able to find you in Virginia…[….]

it’s a survey, you idiot.

And so much more.

Josh Hawley (r) [2016 file photo].