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Josh Hawley @HawleyMO
Erin and I enjoying the best part of MO State Lincoln Days – getting to visit
12:05 PM · Feb 12, 2022

As always, there is much hilarity in the responses:

As a visitor. Because you don’t live in MO.

Your favorite part is visiting the state of Missouri. Where you don’t live.

Got it.

Hope you have a nice flight home to Virginia!

Because you don’t live here. We know.

May as well visit from time to time. You don’t live here

Hey, whoever does social media, you left off “rich donors” at the end of the Tweet

And grifting.

Can you prove that’s in Missouri and not the state of Virginia where you live?

The visit a chance to show that you aren’t masking

The Youngkin vest look…


Out of state visits always fun

Working the vetted crowd as a man of the people. How manly.

Josh Hawley is an embarrassment to Missouri, The Senate, and humankind.

After MO State Lincoln Days, Hawley will return home to Virginia.

How long are you visiting Missouri, Virginians?

You went all the way from Virginia to Missouri only to attend a lame party?

I always enjoy sightseeing when I go to somewhere new. I hope your getting that same feeling in Missouri this weekend, carpetbagger.

What if you and your GOP colleagues put your egos aside, stopped the lies, smears, and whining, put country ahead of party, met with Dems in Congress and the White House, and asked, “What can we do together to resolve the many challenges facing America today?”
What if?


Hey you flew all the way from your real home in Virginia to be in Missouri?!

He probably drove his flatbed truck.

Josh Hawley (r) [2016 file photo].


Disaster tourism (February 12, 2022)