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Bad combover. Check. Too long red tie. Check. Orange spray tan. Check. Tiny hands. Check. Cluelessness. Check…

Old media never bothers to learn:

Garrett Haake @GarrettHaake
This as the former President also plans to speak from Mar a Lago. A split screen day for a country divided.

Mike Memoli @mikememoli
NEW: @POTUS will deliver remarks at the US Capitol on January 6 to mark anniversary of Capitol siege

5:27 PM · Jan 2, 2022

One of these things is not like the other.

There will be no rabid nutjob crowd literally smearing feces on the walls in Florida. Though, you can bet the former guy will be throwing shit against the wall just to see what sticks.

The responses are priceless:

Re “A Split Screen:”
No Sir, no split screen for me.
I’m focused on President Biden and not on a past president who was impeached twice, never won the popular vote in two general elections, and is under investigation by New York, And Georgia for possible crimes committed.

Garrett, it’s only split screen if the media allows it. It is not necessary to broadcast the former guy live.

No. There shouldn’t be a split screen and any news outlet that treats it as such is doing a disservice to the country.

Don’t cover him

Under no circumstances should MSM cover TFG on January 6th.

This is why half the country stop watching the cable news. This is just infuriating. No words for the constant attack and trauma the media is always putting us through for the sake of ratings. Not getting it from me. I’ll be watching an outlet not carrying DT’s water.

Do you understand the person at Mar-a-Lago has no actual power or bearing on the direction of the country and should not be broadcast as if he is equal to the actual president? What’s not clicking here?

Do NOT give him any oxygen. Are you kidding me??

Split screen? NO. No no no no. Do NOT give him any screen. What the heck are you thinking? If you split screen that, you are fanning the flames.

Why the split screen Garrett? Why any screen at all? Why would this be covered as a comparable news event? At the very least why wouldn’t it be taped and aired (if at all) only with the utmost editorial discretion?

Dude, what side of right are you on?

They’ve all shown their hand in helping our democracy hang on by a thread! It’s sickening

Reminds of the Holocaust and how for years American news refuse to cover it the atrocities- till the war. It’s why till this day, millions say the Holocaust never happened. Thank the media

There is NO REASON for the networks to cover anything that TFG has to say, especially on that day. The network’s blanket coverage of him in 2016 is what got us into this mess.

The country isn’t “divided”. There are those that want to overthrow our government and those that don’t.

You don’t need to cover this in real time, and it’s probably best that you don’t.

It is only a split screen if the media covers it that way. He has the right to free speech; he does not have the right to press coverage.

You, the media, has a choice in who to cover. Make the right one

Maybe don’t cover the dude that lost?

Single screen. “The former guy” is about as played out as disco.

Split screen? Won’t watch any media that does this. Why would they? It only adds to the division giving TFG air time he doesn’t deserve.

It better not be a split screen. TFG shouldn’t get any air time…the media is complicit in giving him too much oxygen as it is.

It’s only a split screen if you give it to him like he wants.

No split screen. He isn’t potus and should have to pay for airtime.

The times will not clash. Nothing really happens at Mar-a-Lago, anyway. When you live in a supper club and wedding venue and get photographed with almost every customer, nothing happens.

yeah. no.
No need to cover anyone except for the current president.

“Retiree with pending lawsuits creates word salad with leftovers from 2020.”

Y’all have a choice here, Garrett. Does the media have it in them to do the right thing? Recent history certainly says no. Restore some faith.

News outlets should replay footage of the Jan 6th siege all day.

There is NO reason to cover the former guy. Not on 1/6/22 or any other date. Is he going to unite the country? No. Will he speak of how awful 1/6/21 was? No. Will he say anything new? No. There’s no reason to cover him.

This should no way in hell be any split screen… Please media do better

Only the media can make it a split screen day. Please don’t.

Only if the media chooses to cover it that way.

WHY would the media even consider a split screen?

Good question.

Too many networks will accommodate his second call to arms. There shouldn’t be any live coverage. News networks can report on his words later with guests ready to provide the factual and legal rebuttals.

Why? Why is there any reason to devote any inches of screen to the circus in Florida?

It had better not be a split screen, Garrett Haake. It would be dereliction of duty for the media to “both sides” this.

Split screen? Seriously?

Who is doing the dividing?


Jay Rosen @jayrosen_nyu
My suggestions.

* No build up, no count down, no empty podium awaiting his arrival
* Don’t carry it live; disinformation risk too high
* After it’s over, sift for any genuine news and report it
* Do not amplify familiar lies and distortions; they’ve all been fact checked already

Len Sherman @lenshermanCBS
@jayrosen_nyu Any advice on how the press should handle DJT’s presser on Jan. 6th?

11:52 AM · Jan 2, 2022

There you go.

Joe Biden (D) [2020 file photo].