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Vicky Hartzler (r) [2021 file photo].[/caption]

This morning:

Rep. Vicky Hartzler @RepHartzler
Two years ago, #China unleashed the COVID-19 pandemic on the world.

We must hold them accountable.
8:41 AM · Jan 3, 2022

As always, the responses:

While you’re trying to only spread hate and misinformation (which at this point you should be liable for ‘disinformation’) along with the virus, this is happening in Missouri and to our neighbors in Kansas: [….]

FACT? {citation needed, badly}

Seriously? How about we just focus in fixing the situation here? Cases in MO are skyrocketing and our dear Governor and AG won’t allow mask or vaccine mandates to protect us even though those work!!!

And how would you do that?


Vicky did you forget to mention that this was the most expensive Christmas dinner ever and the most expensive New Year’s Party ever?

BTW how do you propose to hold them accountable and you have ZERO proof that they unleashed

And BTW we hold YOU accountable for Insurrection

Who helped ’em, Vick?

Let’s hold domestic terrorists accountable first, shall we? [….]

What exactly does that mean? How do you hold China accountable?

Never mind. Silly me. I know you’re not serious. You’re just trying to generate fake outrage so people will vote for you in the next election.

Fake outrage? Right wingnuts consider that a feature, not a bug.

Maybe you should hold those who refuse to get vaccinated accountable as well for perpetuating a preventable illness.

Well, eleven years ago, your stupidity was unleashed on Missouri’s 4th congressional district, so maybe we ought to clean that mess up first.

Petty arguments such “who” to blame can wait until we’re clear of this Vick. Real people are dying everyday; getting infected every second, of every day & you are here spreading hate along w/the virus. When this is over, we can discuss blame. Until then shove your hate up your…

Well, yeah.

Can we hold you accountable for sucking so much?

I’m starting to suspect that all conservatives are sharing the power of one single brain cell, why the fuck are we still talking about China.

Where’s the proof? Why are you not listening to science? Why are you constantly lying? Is it the money money? Power. It can’t be because you believe in Jesus. You consistently prove yourself to be anti Christian in rhetoric and lies!

Holy shit you’re a racist douchebag.

How about you hold the GQP accountable for PURPOSEFULLY mishandling the pandemic here at home, killing nearly a million Americans? It’s 100% your party’s fault we’re in this mess today.

You are a terrible person.

Here we are. America in 2022.