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Josh Hawley (r) [2016 file photo].


Josh Hawley @HawleyMO
The White House message in a nutshell
1:22 PM · Dec 20, 2021

Moron. What else do you think will happen?

Some of the responses:

They ain’t wrong. Get vaccinated or prepare for misery. But you keep going with “Death & Freeedumb”, because that’s you.

Where is the fault in stating facts when all other options and opportunities have been rebuffed?

I’m confused. Are you saying the WH should force them to get vaccinated, @HawleyMO? They had their freedom of choice, period, and chose to put their community at peril.


It’s a self-selected out group—people who refuse vaccination and other commonsense measures because, you know, “liberty”

Maybe you should be promoting vaccines in MO and working to protect the health of your constituents?

Whitehouse not wrong there comrade.

I notice you didn’t say they are wrong.

Makes sense to me. Be an American and get vaccinated.

It makes sense to anyone who isn’t stupid…and evil.

Somebody needed to say it.

Right. The message is a warning. If you aren’t vaccinated you are at much greater risk than if you were vaccinated. And I get it, that’s scary. So of course blame the messenger.

It’s the truth, bro.

Did your phone records get subpoenaed? Scared?

Where’s the lie, Josh?

So? He’s right.

Yeah well they’re not wrong.

How do you sleep at night?

In Virginia.

The truth seems to threaten you and your narrative. Try this, it is simpler and may help you understand: if you jump in front of a speeding train, it will hit you. You may die. Your choice, your freedom to jump or not to jump. A simple IQ test.


People who get vaccinated have common sense and care for others. You and your ilk are the outliers. Its about other people. Raise your fist to that.

It’s the stone-cold truth: if you’re vaccinated you will most likely live, if you’re not vaccinated you’ll most likely die. It isn’t hard to understand, but it seems effing impossible for Republicans and Fox to communicate.

If by “out group” you mean unvaccinated yes you are more likely to get sick and die from covid. Facts are not your strong suit.


Science is hard (December 20, 2021)