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Rep. Sam Graves @RepSamGraves
Amtrak just got about $60 billion in new funding, but now President Biden’s vaccine mandates are spurring new worker shortages and service cuts, thwarting recovery from historic Amtrak losses last year. Taxpayers will be paying more money for less service.
3:01 PM · Dec 9, 2021

There was much hilarity in the responses:

Did you vote for that funding?

I’m sure Amtrak will find vaccinated workers to fill the loss of a handful of employees that are too self-centered to get the vaccine.

I think you meant to say that the vaccine mandate has protected consumers from having to interact with willing infection and mutation vectors.

Who the fuck wants to ride on a train with a bunch of unvaccinated people?

Maybe if you would encourage your constituents to get vaccinated instead of trying to score political points, your constituents would stop dying.

Again, Sam. Covid numbers are rising (again) in MO. Would you prefer that worker shortages are due to employee deaths than shortages? Why not encourage vaccines? Nope! Your alligience is to the Republican party. Not to MIssourians.

Have you driven MIssouri roads?