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Josh Hawley (r) [2016 file photo].


Josh Hawley @HawleyMO
The Justices are conferencing today in the #Dobbs case. Huge week for the right to life in America. I’m incredibly proud of my wife Erin and @ADFLegal for their work on this landmark case
11:48 AM · Dec 3, 2021

Some of the responses:

When do plan to introduce the Fugative Abortion-Seeking Law?

When Roe is overturned, won’t states have the the right to protect their “unborn”?

Then after we carry this child for nine months, we’ll leave the child at your doorstep. Just like Justice Amy said.

Not really sure I understand the logic of the Alliance Defending Freedom literally supporting the loss of freedom of womens rights for their own faux biblical gain, but its 2021 I guess anything can happen.

“War is peace” “Facts are fake” “Love is Hate” etc etc [….]

Too bad right to life doesn’t include kids at school when someone shows up with a gun.

How do you know that? Seems inappropriate. Can you explain Stare Decisis? Taking away women’s liberty is not something to be proud of.

Yay medieval times! [….]

If only you were pro-life….

Yes, landmark on the regression of our society imposed by a minority of the population.

I know you don’t live here anymore but I thought you should know that the government of the state that you represent suppressed information that showed that mask mandates save lives. If you are are so pro-life then why don’t you call for an investigation.

I wonder if Josh is having a rally anywhere so the women of America can go listen to him and tell him exactly how we feel.

You let your wife work? I thought you believed in biblical masculinity?

You’re a lucky man Josh. A woman working hard to limit women’s rights is a gal after every male Republican’s heart.

Abortions won’t stop. Rich women will still get safe ones. I wish you cared about all the citizens of Mo, just not your fan club.

You believe in the right to life, Josh? Very cool. Now do vaccinations and gun violence. Hurry up. Tick Tock.

Of course, after birth it’s a big FU from Republicans.

It’s not about life – you don’t care about life.

It’s a huge week for increasing your control over women, forcing them to bear children for you.

You should be ashamed.


I guess you’re going to be proud to see back alley abortions and women die from abortions because they’re not clean operating rooms and stuff. So yes great job [….] I guess all those raping incest victims will just have to live with their kid huh


Let’s make America 1900s again


Bless your heart, you’re so slow that you don’t even realized you aren’t even close to “right to life”- living, breathing kids are climbing out of classroom windows to stay alive and you don’t care so sit down and shut up

Huge week for fascist cult followers.

Liar, Jackboot Josh, you have never been a “life” proponet, only “Forced Birth”.

Nobody is taking your religious rights, speech rights, or any other rights. On the other hand, you and Repubs are trying to take away a woman’s rights, private business’s rights, and voting rights. You are a weasel.

Tell your wife that my business is not her business and to keep her nose out of it. Ok, mr insurrection?

No surprise.