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This morning:

Rep. Vicky Hartzler @RepHartzler
We don’t need government shutdowns again.

We need our kids in school, our businesses open, and Americans back to work.
8:43 AM · Nov 29, 2021

A few of the responses:

The Association of Funeral Homes and Crematoriums approves this message.

So there are no shutdowns planned, and instead of being proactive in the very unlikely scenario that they do happen, you are gaslighting with no plan of action. That’s sounds about right. Just like last time.

If we can get everyone vaccinated, we can devote more resources to other areas. My MIL is in Vandy Medical & has to wait for her biopsy because the hospital is slammed w/ unvaccinated Covid patients. GOP, Fox, Q, Trumpers… all of you are to be blamed.

And now, the truth.

1) No shut downs are being planned
2) Thanksgiving day spending set a record at 5.1 billion
3) Inflation is a global consequence of the pandemic, not a political economic package that hasn’t even gone into action yet.

Y’know what helps with that? Masks and vaccines.

It really will be okay if we all do our part to help.

God forbid this group of GOP hustlers ever does anything proactive.

No one is shutting anything down. Maybe if Republican voters would wear masks and get vaccinated our situation would improve.[….]

But Republicans excel at government shutdowns. Y’all didn’t pass a budget from 2011-2015.

Then you should encourage your Deplorables to do the right things. Mask up, get vaccinated, etc. And then support civil penalties for not doing these *simple* things. Levy fines and/or ban people from public places.

Just saying “we don’t need this” doesn’t HELP.

yes, let’s ignore the virus, that’s been working really well so far

Then maybe the cult should get vaccinated and wear masks instead of being outraged at literally everything

The Omicron variant & the pandemic would like to have a word in this.

Which is exactly the reason we NEED those vaccine mandates. That would ensure that MOST of the kids and workers would be safe at school or work.

What if we learn the omicron variant is more deadly than the delta variant?

As a proud pro-life person, you must know doing nothing will lead to more death and suffering.

Are you really “pro-life”?

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over again and expecting a different result

Everyone wants the virus to go away. You can’t think of anything to do but blame others. Thanks for nothing.

Any member of Congress who talks about getting kids back to school, businesses open and Americans back to work and doesn’t encourage vaccinations is a fraud. But we already knew that about you.

Vicky Hartzler (r) [2021 file photo].