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Roy Blunt (r) [2016 file photo].

What an asshole.

This afternoon:

Senator Roy Blunt @RoyBlunt
Americans deserve more details on how the administration will use vaccines to combat COVID-19 with clear and concise plans that put science ahead of politics.
1:12 PM · Sep 24, 2021

Have you ever met Mike Parson (r)? Just asking.

As always, there is much hilarity in the responses:

Arsonists demand to know what the fire department is going to do about all these fires in his neighborhood.[….]

Look at the map of Blue & Red States & compare it to vaccination rates. It is so obvious that Trump States reject the vaccines his administration claims to have developed.

Republicans at the federal and state level are to blame for unvaccinated people. The adults who I know who haven’t gotten vaccinated are all Republicans. I can’t understand how Republicans are ok that their voters are dying because of misinformation. Don’t you care about them?

Step 1: end Fox News
Step 2: end Facebook
Step 3: national mask mandates because states like Missouri put Republican anti science ahead of health
Step 4: national vaccine mandates because states like Missouri can’t let its citizens die fast enough to end this

Says the Senator who failed to vote for the commission to investigate the 1/6 assault on our Capital because he had enough details.

You should be pressing Governors if you actually want to accomplish something because the overwhelming majority of vaccine issues are at the state level.

Putting science ahead of politics sounds nice. Maybe you should try it once in a while, Roy.

Don’t hold your breath.

My God. How much more info do people need? Covid = bad, vaccine = good.

Oh, whatever happened to the party of personal responsibility? Here’s a plan – go to one of the 1,000’s of vaccine sites and get the shot.

Get the shot. Protect yourself and neighbors. How hard is that?

I’m sure you have @GovParsonMO‘s phone number. Maybe give him a ring on this one.

You can’t be serious with this. How about you start in our home state where only half the population is vaccinated. What are YOU doing?

WTAF is wrong with you? Joe Biden got the vaccine out to all Americans in an incredible amount of time for free. Talk to your Republican pals about why we are still dealing with Covid.

You are infuriating! You backed a narcissist who never had a plan. How dare you

Science. 2 shots. That’s all you need to tell your constituents. This isn’t hard. Stop being obtuse.

Impossible. It’s Roy Blunt (r) you’re talking about.

Poor Roy. This Twitter stuff really isn’t working for you. You should have a talk with however on your staff that posts these tweets because I have yet to see one single tweet from your account that make one damn bit of sense. Poor dumb bastard!