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Eric Schmitt (r) [2021 file photo].


Eric Schmitt @Eric_Schmitt
If you’ve been vaccinated and want to put on 6 masks outside by yourself or want your kids to wear a mask all day long — go for it — this is America, but stop using government to force other people to wear masks. #NoMaskMandates
1:29 PM · Aug 24, 2021

Not the brightest bulb in the chandelier.

Some of the responses:

Here is a third version: If you don’t smoke and don’t want your children to smoke — go for it — this is America, but stop using government to force other people where they can and can’t smoke.

Here is another version: If you’re sober and want to drive — go for it — this is America, but stop using government to force other people to drive sober.

Spend an hour in my sister’s shoes as an ICU nurse right now. See how much “freedom” Missourians have when they’re intubated. See how much “freedom” a heart attack or car accident patient has when they can’t get treatment because the ICU is full. Their blood is on your hands.

Anyone who doesn’t want their kids to wear a mask in school can home school then. The immaturity around simply wearing a mask is baffling and the ones who refuse to wear one are the reason the mandates are even necessary to begin with but they just don’t get it.

Why don’t you try to help?

Yeah government – stop forcing me to wear a seatbelt or have a license to drive a car! Stop forcing me to pay taxes! Stop forcing me to obey any rules I don’t like! WHAAAAAAAAAAAAA I’m a special snowflake and I shouldn’t have to do anything I don’t want to!

Government has a role in ensuring the health and welfare of its citizens. (Speed limits, helmet laws, shirt and shoes in restaurants.) A mask should be a simple gesture but our society has become too selfish and local communities can and should step in for the greater good.

personal responsibility doesn’t work in public health emergencies. When your choices affect other people, especially when your choices can take someone else’s lives, it is not just the right, but the duty of government to take action.

Ok. My drivers license says I need to wear corrective lenses while I drive (for the safety of others), but fuck that. It violates my freedom!

Seat belts? Red lights? Childhood vaccinations? Where does this triumph of the selfish individual end? This is just cheap political pandering.

This is the price for living in a society. Living in a community. If you have no interest in humans don’t live in a society Eric.

Looking forward to your battle to free Cheesecake Factory grill cooks from the big government tyranny that requires them to wear ahoes and pants while preparing your dinner. Get big government out of our restaurants! Cooks have a right to fly their sweaty balls free

We wouldn’t have to if the GOP’s theory of personal responsibility actually resulted in people exercising their personal responsibility to protect my child. But they won’t. And neither will you apparently.

Freedom without responsibility is adolescence. It’s time to grow up.

This is political theater and you know it.

Just wait for the headline in Variety.

You have that personal freedoms until they infringe on others, when you go out unvaccinated and unmask you are a risk to others. We as a society mandate many things, from childhood vaccinations to seatbelts in the car. Join society and stop being selfish.

This is just political theatre. One last ditch attempt to save your career.

The show should close at intermission.

You don’t believe this. You’re better than this.

Apparently not.