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This morning:

Dennis Newberry – Mayor of Lake Ozark
A dear friend of mine [….] is in a Central MO hospital with Covid. [….] is the owner of [….] MO. I have known him for over 30 years. He keeps his boat at a marina here in Lake Ozark. As a hail merry pass I have procured some “ivermectin” for him and will be driving it to him today. Please pray for cooperation from his caregivers and Hospital admin to allow his loved ones and friends to step in and assist with his life. If we do nothing his life will surely be taken from his 18 year old son, his family and friends. I need your prayers and comments to attempt to gain favor with the powers to be. Thank you!

Some of the comments:

When I first started reading your post I thought it was satire. If you’re serious, when you get to the hospital with your Ivermevtin check your friend out and treat him at home. Save the hospital bed for the patients that are going to let the medical professionals treat them.

“A dear friend of mine is in hospital where he is being treated by medical professionals with decades of education and experience between them. But I’m going to try and give him horse deworming meds because some guy on the internet said it was a good idea.”
If Americans had been like you in 1775, my people would still be running your country because you’d have been convinced that running into musket fire was a cure for pimples.

I thought this was a joke. This was not a joke. Holy hell and “hail ‘merry!’” Bring on the farm animal meds for the unvaccinated fools around the county.

He should be transferred immediately to Lake Ozark veterinary. Call and get him transported right away.

Let me push all the actual trained and board certified physicians that spent 10+ years in school for this exact thing out of the way to administer a drug proven not to work. Way to go mayor. You are an embarrassment to Missouri.

I really hope that your friend pulls through and feel for his family.
But no matter what any of our beliefs or disagreements are, it seems like a very odd choice to post this publicly on your elected official page, instead of your personal.
Your post even had a warning attached to it.
By sharing this, you’re publicly condoning a treatment that isn’t approved, and that most doctors consider to be ineffective and dangerous.
I think many of us are also wondering, how you got a prescription med to give to another person? What doctor or vet did such a thing with no examination or anything?
I hope that at the very least the medicine is given to the man’s doctors and the administration of it is left up to them.
I also assume that this friend did not get the vaccine or it seems like you would have mentioned it. So if you’re going to publicly share the information that you’ve gotten an unapproved/possibly dangerous medication to give to someone else, it would be helpful to also let those people know if his level of illness is perhaps due to his not having the vaccine, or in spite of having it.
My guess is that if it were the latter, you’d have said as much.
That’s the information that would be an appropriate PSA for the people of your city. Not the whole “If you’ve got friends in high places you can get things others can’t get, even if it’s not approved. And PS I’m totally condoning this med regardless of scientists and healthcare professionals saying it’s dangerous.”
This is just a crazy thing for a mayor to post.

On the downside you’re committing a felony. But on the positive he at least won’t die of worms.

Do you help with surgeries too? I’m envisioning you showin’ up at your Great Aunt Lucy’s gallbladder surgery with one of your steak knives and some screencaps from YouTube.

Killing my friends and then being sued by his family to own the libs

All the people claiming your doctor supports this treatment: post their name and office phone number, so we can call and verify. I don’t believe any of you.

Y’all don’t know me, and have no reason to trust me, but I humbly ask you all to not give your friends and family animal medicine for treatment. Please don’t do this.

“A realtor-turned-mayor took it upon himself to obtain a drug that is indicated to treat heartworm in large farm animals to give to a guy who was severely ill due to COVID-19, after warnings from the FDA, WHO, and local emergency medicine physicians are urging the public to refrain from taking this medication, as it is causing hundreds of hospitalizations across the US.”
Turn the car around, man. You’re not even driving in your own lane.

Welcome to Missouri.


Meanwhile, this is Missouri (July 5, 2021)

If you want to be treated with leeches and bleeding you’re going to have to invent time travel or find someone on the Internets (July 26, 2021)