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Missouri Revised Statutes:

[§]167.181. Immunization of pupils against certain diseases compulsory — exceptions — records — to be at public expense, when — fluoride treatments administered, when — rulemaking authority, procedure. — 1. The department of health and senior services, after consultation with the department of elementary and secondary education, shall promulgate rules and regulations governing the immunization against poliomyelitis, rubella, rubeola, mumps, tetanus, pertussis, diphtheria, and hepatitis B, to be required of children attending public, private, parochial or parish schools. Such rules and regulations may modify the immunizations that are required of children in this subsection. The immunizations required and the manner and frequency of their administration shall conform to recognized standards of medical practice. The department of health and senior services shall supervise and secure the enforcement of the required immunization program.

  2. It is unlawful for any student to attend school unless he has been immunized as required under the rules and regulations of the department of health and senior services, and can provide satisfactory evidence of such immunization; except that if he produces satisfactory evidence of having begun the process of immunization, he may continue to attend school as long as the immunization process is being accomplished in the prescribed manner. It is unlawful for any parent or guardian to refuse or neglect to have his child immunized as required by this section, unless the child is properly exempted.



State Representative Brian Seitz
Yesterday at 2:24 PM ·
I joined hundreds of Patriots last night in front of Mercy Hospital as we took a stand against mask and vaccine mandates. Our healthcare workers, and employees in all other industries, should not be forced to choose between their job and a jab.
Getting the vaccine and wearing a mask are personal decisions that each individual should be able to make for themselves in consultation with their families and their doctors. No one should be forced or coerced into making these medical decisions.
We must confront tyranny wherever it is found, be that in government or the private sector, and I will proudly fight alongside you as we say NO to these Draconian mandates. Enough is enough.

“…against mask and vaccine mandates…” Ever have surgery? Just asking.


Two of the comments:

Here’s an idea. Why don’t you guys form your own society and breathe Covid germs all over each other to your hearts content? No vaccines and no preventative measures of any kind. The only catch is you can’t go to the hospital in real society. You game?

Good to see you out there actively pushing for people to have rights over what is happening with their bodies. Can I expect you to vote pro-choice from now on? Or are you strictly only for that when it comes to Covid-19 and vaccines?
Get vaccinated you fuckwits.