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When your political legacy is distilled into a single meme…

Josh Hawley (r) [2016 file photo].

Baligubadle @Baligubadle1
Josh Hawley (R- Missouri) says he doesn’t want the infrastructure bill passed because his state (Virginia) has the best roads, hospitals, schools and bridges in the country.
6:13 PM · Aug 8, 2021

Jake Lobin @JakeLobin
Maybe Josh Hawley thinks that adding things like Broadband into the infrastructure bill is a “woke left political agenda,” because now more rural Missouri voters will be able to go online and find out that he lives in Virginia.
10:10 AM · Aug 9, 2021

Melody Fleshman @Urastar2me
Since Hawley doesn’t live in Missouri he should come and drive on some of our highways and bridges. His woke narrative is tired.
11:53 AM · Aug 8, 2021


There’s no place like home.