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Eric Schmitt @Eric_Schmitt
Today my Office delivered a huge win for the people of St. Louis County & obtained an order halting the mask mandate.

I’ll never stop fighting against unreasonable & unconstitutional government overreach & I’ll never stop fighting for the cause of freedom. #NoMaskMandates
2:15 PM · Aug 3, 2021


Some of the comments:

What effect do you think that this “win” will have for the people of St. Louis County? #HonestQuestion [….]

Thank you AG Eric Schmitt! So grateful you are using your office to fight for our freedoms! May God bless you and your family!

Well, that’s one way of killing off your base

Basically, you sentenced more people to suffer and die so that you can get the GOP nomination in the Senate race. Monstrous.

I hate you.

Why is it such a big issue to wear a mask and get vaccinated? What are people afraid of? Why do you spend so much time and effort in this?

You obtained a temporary restraining order


Thank you @Eric_Schmitt for working hard to protect our rights and freedoms as Missourians!! #LikeABoss

This is great news – but please let us know when they actually put this into action. As of this morning every place is still requiring masks for the vaccinated and unvaccinated

Guess what? Private companies can still require you to wear a mask…

Thank you!! I’m terrified at what’s going on in our country but you are a hero to all of us [….]

Thanks for nothing. You don’t care about our health or welfare at all. Just catering to the MAGAs. Yet you call yourself pro-life. You have blood on your hands.

[….] Gonna make sure I’m a true Missourian for now on and do jack shit for other people.

“There’s a slight chance I can protect my fellow man by doing something simple? We’ll fuck them. Me, me, me. God bless and fuck off.” – MAGAts

Thank you for protecting our freedom!

Please fight against vaccine passports, even in the private sector. We cannot have this medical apartheid here.

The only thing for which you fight is your political career.

You’re a shameful person, and a horrible example for your children.

Good, now do Kansas City please. End all mask mandates.

Shut up Eric, what you are tweeting is another of your many lies from the lawyer! The Judge ordered a TEMPORARY RESTRAINING ORDER! You have not stopped anything can happen when it’s issued as TEMPORARY! Tell SLC that truth!

The world we live in.