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Last night, in Missouri:

“You does you.”

Charles Jaco @charlesjaco1
From this evening’s school board meeting at the Francis Howell School District in white flight exurban St. Charles County, MO. These are relatively affluent middle-class suburbanites. This here is the Jan 6 demographic.
11:16 PM · Jul 15, 2021

Slept through their science, math, and English classes.

Some of the responses:

Hard to change a mind that does not exist in the first place…

That’s my alma mater! Was it always this bad and I didn’t realize because I was a kid? Surely it’s gotten worse over the trump years right?

I am strongly in support of immigration, and am sure that these people will learn our language as soon as humanly possible

No mind here worth changing..

I’m guessing they did not pass science class…..this uneducated mess right here is why this variant is taking over Missouri. [….]

They failed English as well.

Missouri has a massive amount of selfish & stupid people ruining it for everyone else.

Pathetic, just embarrassingly pathetic.


I would love for anyone to go up to these dolts and ask them to define Marxism….

That do make you think.