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Missouri Representative Bill Kidd (r) recently reported on social media that he contracted COVID-19. In doing so he made a quip (more than once) about the vaccine. Part of the conversation:

[….][response] Ok I think my post got deleted by mistake…. first off if it is a Republican agenda to NOT get the Covid Vaccine… I did not get the memo! One of Dallas’s #1 Heart Doctors told me DIRECTLY to GET the vaccine… not a fake Doctor or unqualified Doctor!!! Sorry you both are going through this! I know people that were VERY good friends that have died and others with LONG lasting complications. Take care and God Bless!

Bill Kidd [….] oh good grief, it was a joke.

[….][response] it wasn’t a very funny joke. Words have consequences. You are in a position of power and people will believe what you say. I believed you.

[….][response] 600,000 dead is funny to you?!



Meanwhile, this is Missouri (July 5, 2021)