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Representative Vicky Hartzler (r) [2015 file photo].

Yesterday, more gaslighting as a way of life:

Rep. Vicky Hartzler @RepHartzler
America truly lost an icon today.

A native Missourian, Rush Limbaugh ushered in a new era of conservatism, championing freedom and the American Dream to millions of listeners over his accomplished radio career. May he rest in peace.
11:37 AM · Feb 17, 2021

And, as always, some of the responses:

This man brought unimaginable hate into the world. His only dream was for white supremacists to have the freedom to subjugate black and brown people.

You smile & pretend to be Christian, all while discriminating against anyone different from you. You spread hate just like him.

Remember that time when Rush made fun of Michael J. Fox’s disability? I hope there is a hell, I hope Limbaugh is in it & I hope he saves you a seat up front.

Rush Limbaugh led the way to the the coarsing of America’s social & political discourse. He & Newt Gingrich were yoked together in this effort. I, for one, will not miss his voice. He DID NOT deserve to be awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Missouri’s SHAME.

I will thank him because as a little girl who was raised listening to him regularly I appreciate his being instrumental in making me the liberal Dem I am today.

The new age of conservatism that Rush Limbaugh ushered in has been defined by lies, hatred, extreme partisanship, and unadulterated ugliness.

Not all icons are worth celebrating.

Sure. You go and tell yourself that.

America certainly lost *something* today…I just hesitate to pin down what that something was, since it’s probably not the kind of thing you want to say in polite company.

I know, what’s the point of pretending? He was a divisive POS.

I’m not one to celebrate anyone’s death, but I am glad he can no longer spread hatred.

It’s ok when evil dies.

an icon of what, exactly?

racism and misogyny?

Icon? Division and hate is his legacy. Yours will be a complacent enabler.

One of America’s most “toxic” public personalities.

He was evil personified. His racist, misogynistic, hate-filled rhetoric will not be missed by sane Americans.

Oh, please. He’s torn apart countless families with his divisive BS rhetoric all for the love of fame, power, & money.

You are promoting a hate monger. Why are we not surprised


Of course you would praise him. You are as big a bigot as he was. To call him an icon is agreeing with his attacks against, not only the gay community, but all the other groups he targeted. You’re disgusting.

He was a hate-spewing, disgusting human.

You’ve expressed more empathy for this pill-popping bigot than you have for the Capitol officer who was killed by your party’s violent, paranoid mob.

The “American Dream”? Is that what right wingnuts are calling it these days?


Gaslighting as a way of life (February 17, 2021)