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Hawley Statement on Passing of Rush Limbaugh
Wednesday, February 17, 2021
Today U.S. Senator Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) released the following statement on the passing of Rush Limbaugh:

Senator Hawley said, “A proud son of Missouri, Rush Limbaugh was a voice for the voiceless. He changed talk radio, but more importantly, Rush changed the conversation to speak up for the forgotten, and challenge the establishment. He lived the First Amendment and told hard truths that made the elite uncomfortable, but made sure working men and women had a seat at the table. Erin and I are praying for the Limbaugh family.”

Some of the responses on Twitter:

Ah yes “voice to the voiceless” all you white guys think you’re muzzled when really people are sick of your bullshit.

Eat shit, dude. No one has forgotten about white people or men. You’re a traitorous embarrassment who should resign.

Voice of Fascism. Dead. Not to worry. He has spawned many fascists, including Hawley.

“The voiceless”? Give me a break. Limbaugh was the voice of white male privilege, marginalizing minorities with his hateful rhetoric. Am I surprised you hold him up as an icon ? Absolutely not. Limbaugh is right up your alley.

He was the of voice racists and misogynists. Of course you are praising him

Like when he called Sandra Fluke a slut and prostitute for advocating for birth control coverage. What great guy.

A voice for the voiceless? You don’t even answer your phone when Missourians call.

Limbaugh on African Americans:
“They’re 12 percent of the population. Who the hell cares?”

Mocking dying AIDS patients ON AIR with whistles & music, saying that if women want free birth control we should let men watch us have sex on camera as an incentive for the rx coverage, he called watching players in the NFL like “watching teams of the Bloods & the Crips”….

As Republicans mourn the death of Rush Limbaugh, I’ll always remember him; calling Obama a “house negro”, making fun of Kurt Cobain’s suicide, RGBs cancer, and of course Michael J. Fox’s Parkinson’s disease.

He is the founder of hate radio.

Just like Josh Hawley, Rush Limbaugh cheered insurrectionists who attacked America.

Rush Limbaugh hated America and most people in it.

Here’s that one time Rush Limbaugh mocked Michael J. Fox for his Parkinson’s, suggesting that he was exaggerating its symptoms.

Rush Limbaugh mocked Eric Garner’s death, Michael J. Fox’s Parkinson’s disease, Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s cancer diagnosis, Kurt Cobain, people who died of AIDS, feminists, Civil Rights activists, and Native Americans. That’s his legacy.

He was one of the worst people who ever lived.

Rush Limbaugh was one of the worst human beings to ever live. That’s just my opinion.

Yeah, a disgraceful bigot if there ever was one. If there is a hell, they just got one of the GOP’s finest.

No one cares what you think, Hawley. And no one cares about that old hate monger, either.

Rush Limbaugh walked so that your sickening ilk could run. He’s a stain on this country and this state (hm, sound familiar?) and long may he rot in whatever concept of eternal suffering you have. The world is, on the whole, a more decent place without him in it.

Oh GOD, won’t someone think of the poor voiceless right wing millionaires!

Oh stfu, treason boy. Rush was a tinfoil hat blowhard

I hear you. You’re wrong.

You’re the worst Hawley.

Hawley the insurrectionist speaks of the radio insurrectionist, please

Senator Hawley, is it the unrepentant racism, misogyny, or complete lack of human decency that you admire?

Hawley says nothing about the death of officer Sicknick, who died defending senators like him, yet he falls over himself to ‘pay his respects’ to a globally known racist.

The only forgotten people that Rush represented were people who wore white hoods.

That was about as repulsive tweet possible. Nice job, you never let us down.

Birds of a feather, huh Joshie? The only things that came out of his vulgar mouth was hate, homophobia, racism, and outright lies. But those are the things you have in common, right?

The Grand Old Party has been replaced by Trumpism, a political philosophy based on lying and propaganda that places winning and power above everything else, including democracy, national security, and human life.

Josh, this ignorant statement and denial of Limbaugh’s hate, bigotry, Racism, misogyny and inflaming rhetoric is beyond disgusting. [….]

A traitor to America supports one of its most prominent bigots. Color me shocked.

Press Office, find your dignity.

I know you two were united in your love of authoritarian Fascist rule, but buck up little buddy, you can still treason without him.

Rush was a horrible human being. Racist, misogynistic, homophobic and intolerant. I will not celebrate his death as so many feel the need to do but you will not find me celebrating his life. I will simply let him fade.

Which part are you proud of specifically? The vile racism, misogyny or bigotry that this sad excuse for a human being spewed? How nice that you’re praying for his family because there’s no prayer where Limbaugh ended up.

the fuck is voice for the voiceless? aren’t you bored of self-victimization?

“…aren’t you bored of self-victimization?”

It’s a feature, not a bug.