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Roy Blunt (r) [2016 file photo].

Tuesday, on social media:

Senator Roy Blunt
January 26 at 2:45 PM ·
Statement on my vote to declare it unconstitutional for the Senate to proceed with an impeachment trial of a president who is no longer in office:
“I believe the constitutional purpose for presidential impeachment is to remove a president from office, not to punish a person after they have left office. No consideration was given to impeaching President Nixon when he resigned in 1974. The Constitution hasn’t changed and the Congress should not set a new, destructive precedent.”

Some of the responses:

How about removing his secret service protection after he spent his term making money off them. How about making sure he can’t run again. And most importantly, keeping him from getting intelligence briefings that he can’t be trusted to keep secret. Are those things worth doing?

I disagree Senator

You are helping to perpetuate the myth that trump won, and I suspect there will come a time when you will regret helping to destroy the Republican Party.

The house impeached him before he got out and the first time he should have been removed this was a unforgivable move on his part you cannot let him get by with this do your job

So, the president can not be held accountable while in office, because he is in office, and he can’t be held accountable when he leaves office, because he has left office. Using your logic, EVERY president is in fact a king or ruler, answerable to no one. Remember that when the Democrats use it against the Republicans.

So let me get this right(correct) – The senate decided to hold the impeachment trial after the inauguration so as not to disrupt the inauguration. Now, impeachment is wrong because he is no longer president. He was not going to be president on February 8th when Moscow Mitch decided that it was best to wait. So maybe Mitch should be tried for being an accomplice to Trump’s insurrection.

This guy is freaking nuts. He definitely needs to go.

I guess Roy doesn’t understand the constitution, but hey whatever.

Trump did incite an insurrection against the United States. That is a fact. And the Republican Party has supported him in all his antiAmerican behavior. Watching you stand behind Trumps shoulder in front of the cameras was always disappointing to me as a citizen of MO. You have been on the wrong side of all the care that we as a nation has taken to better our world. You will never have my vote, and I pray that you will have second thoughts about your backing of Trump, and instead back our country.

If only we had some arm of the government who’s job it was entirely to decide constitutionality…. oh wait isn’t that the Supreme courts job?
Pretty crazy were in a time where “unconstitutional” has become a catchall for anything Republicans don’t agree with. Lost an election, disagree with a long established policy, different point of view? Unconstitutional.

I say if the Senators do not want to do their jobs, just resign. In the years to come we will all find out exactly why all the GOP people are so terrified of #45. I remember the look on all their faces 4 years ago. The GOP party has lost their minds hopefully the conservatives will renew their fate in their party. Right now they look like fish on shore flopping around. Pitiful looking cowards for not doing their job!!!

So as a US Senator you choose to IGNORE and LOOK THE OTHER WAY when trump, the PRESIDENT of the UNITED STATES incited insurrection BY URGING his followers to storm and destroy the U S Capital – SEAT OF AMERICAN DEMOCRACY? YOU ARE NOT A PATRIOT.

Except he was in office when he did what he did, and the whole point is to keep history from repeating itself with another Trump campaign. Weird how anything the right disagrees with suddenly becomes “unconstitutional”.

I’m incredibly tired of Republican stall tactics that block legislative actions and enable individuals to avoid consequences. Former President Trump should be held accountable despite Mitch McConnell’s insistence on waiting until the day before Trump left office to accept the articles of impeachment from the House. We ARE paying attention and will vote accordingly in the mid-terms. If anyone believes Trump is done causing trouble they are wrong. Now is the time to stop this blight on our democracy.

Disagree. The destructive precedent is to ignore the dangerous actions of someone holding or having held the office of President. Maybe your position is guided by self-interest

Congress needs to follow through, and provide consequences for actions that led to some tragic events. They need to act accordingly to show future generations that behavior such as Trump’s and his cronies is not acceptable, and that there are consequences. To say, yeah well he’s gone now is also not acceptable and the process needs to be completed.

Fuck you Roy. Don’t you have anything else better to do? You fucking waste of space

There is whole list of people that need to be held accountable. Everyone is responsible for their own deeds and words.

Fuck all the way off man

For 4 years you have condoned everything that Trump has done. I believe that makes you just as guilty as Trump for the Jan 6, 2020 attempt to overthrow the will of the people. If you can’t prosecute Trump because he is no longer the president, then every politician that commits a crime while in office merely needs to resign and then you would say it’s too late to prosecute and for the sake of unifying the Country we need to just forget about it and move on. Get real Senator.

Without accountability there is no justice. Do your job Senator. If this was not an impeachable offense, what is?

Given the fact that we’ve impeached people who’ve left office before, your “belief” is obviously self-serving bullshit. You are giving license to future office holders to break the law, betray the country, and act horribly without possible consequences. You are a terrible human being.

And on and on…