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Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas [2019 file photo].

Yesterday, on suburban narcissism:

Mayor Q @QuintonLucasKC
I still just can’t. First, can we mandate education on the Holocaust and actual genocides? Wearing masks indoors at suburban stores ain’t it.

But there’s something more insidious here about the callousness around us these days, outnumbering the rest of us in some states.
2:01 AM · Nov 20, 2020

Mayor Lucas continued:

Mayor Q @QuintonLucasKC
How many family friends do you have to hear have battled COVID for 3 weeks and may make it out, but they’re unsure?

How many stories do you have to hear about someone not making it?

How many lives have to be wrecked for us to care enough to do modest, modest shit to save lives?
2:05 AM · Nov 20, 2020

Mayor Q @QuintonLucasKC
I spend my days believing in the goodness of people (necessary for the job) and the goodness of where I’m from, but I am so embarrassed by many around us. Just give a damn about someone else or, ultimately, yourself and those around you.
2:08 AM · Nov 20, 2020


Wear a damn mask. And while you’re at it, wear some damn gloves.

Stay Home. Wash your hands. Don’t touch your face. Good luck to us all.