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This afternoon:

Jess Piper @EnglishTeach07
Hi, my name is Jess and I’m running for HD1 in Northwest MO. I’ve been told I can’t win, but I don’t play to lose—ever. I’m a mom, teacher, rural Missourian, and a fighter. I believe every Missourian deserves representation.
1:06 PM · Nov 22, 2020

I believe in fully-funded schools in Missouri. I will fight for teacher salaries across the state and especially those in rural areas that are hard hit by teacher turnover. Rural kids deserve great schools and rural teachers deserve a livable salary.

I believe in common sense gun laws. I believe 2A. I am a gun owner and will fight for the rights of gun owners while understanding the responsibility that comes with ownership. We need universal background checks and safe storage requirements.

I believe in healthcare for all Missourians. I will fight for rural healthcare systems and make sure that all Missourians have access to affordable and quality healthcare. This starts with Medicaid expansion and keeping kids on the Medicaid role.

I will listen to and fight for all Missourians—our children, our seniors, our neighbors. Can you help me kickstart my campaign today with a donation? I’m so excited—help send me to Jeff City. Thank you!

The time to start for 2022 is now.