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Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley (r):

ChuckGrassley @ChuckGrassley
I remain symptom free & in isolation. I continue to feel good Thx for all the messages of encouragement & prayers
1:58 PM · Nov 18, 2020

Some of the responses:

I’m guessing you are getting the good stuff already. Sorry the two people who just died in my small Montana county and who probably voted R were not as lucky. How does it feel to chop those grasping hands off the lifeboat so you can survive? It it all you dreamed it to be?

Unfortunately, 246,000 Dead #American Families don’t feel so good that the republicans Politicians Mislead constitutes
Undermined Health Experts, COVID19 restrictive measures & enabling the deaths of thousands of more #Americans by not allowing the peaceful transition of power

While you are quarantining, spare a thought for the millions in increasingly dire straits without pandemic relief. Maybe look at the aerial footage of the shockingly long bread lines? Senators like you are their only hope at this point.

Trust me I didn’t send any good wishes or prayers

You’ve got to get back and do the peoples’ business of confirming unqualified judges and quacks to the Federal Reserve

Hope you get well soon. And that this experience informs you of the importance of passing a bill that enables people to stay home without undue financial hardship and that gives every medical facility and essential worker in the country what they need to be safe

Not going to happen.

Must be nice to still get a pay check while you’re in quarantine.

Good, but let’s not forget:

Days it took the GOP to confirm Amy Coney Barrett: 30

Days it took them to pass a $1,900,000,000,000 tax cut for the super-rich: 51

Days since they let expanded unemployment benefits expire for millions of Americans: 99 and counting…

You are complicit in the deaths of tens of thousands. How do you feel about that?

Happy for your family that you aren’t sick. However, how about the families of the 1,700+ Americans who died today? Anything you want to say to them? Besides sorry you didn’t get the same drugs……

Hope for you that this opens your eyes to go the route of caring for your planet and fellow humans vs always siding with greed and power.

Your maker knows the difference.

Nah. If he’s supposedly asymptomatic, I wouldn’t hold my breath for a change of heart. Plus as everyone else has mentioned, it’s super easy to act like covid is no sweat when you’ve got top quality socialized healthcare, exclusive drugs, unlimited PTO and a steady paycheck.

You are fortunate. No ventilator. No struggle to breathe. No family members who must watch you on facetime take your last breath. Perhaps you can show respect for those who wish they had your outcome by encouraging masks on the Senate floor.

How’s that socialized healthcare. I bet they even give you the good medicine. Good thing you’re not a meat packer, you would be forced to work w/o ppe. Relax and enjoy your checks on a regular basis.

It has to be said. But he doesn’t give one good goddamn.

And somehow he doesn’t get it that this is exactly why people should wear their masks. He is asymptomatic, so he has been spreading it to other people around him. What a monster.

Also free of compassion for the huddled masses yearning to breathe free or breathe at all lately

So what you’re saying is that everything is under control and republicans should continue to spread the virus and refuse to wear masks?

He’s shown us time and time again that he doesn’t care. He’s complicit in family separations, forced hysterectomies, and the spread of COVID—just to name a few.

You could have at least ended your tweet with, “Please, Wear a Mask!” But you guys can’t even do that.

No. He doesn’t care about people, just power.

You didn’t get one from me. Btw thanks for missing that vote yesterday. It gave us the opportunity to sink that Fed garbage you wanted installed.

You’ll be fine. Only the good die young.

We could have been like New Zealand.

Just imagine if you were quarantining and you were BROKE and had a couple of kids, with no hope in sight of help from the government who promised to protect you. Because two sides can’t figure out how to come together a lot of people are suffering. Glad to hear you’re fine, tho.

That DC strain obviously does not work on evil politicians. You lucked out.

Is it real yet or no?

Lucky you have socialized health care.

Now talk about the people you possibly infected.

Tots and pears. Tell your president to concede already.

I like the upbeat regular updates. Herman Cain did those too.

A grown man who down played the virus and the advise of scientist, now wants to thank you for your prayers and encouragement. Sorry you are not getting them from me. You are to blame for so many dying.

I think, people who are struggling to live should protest at Senators houses on Thanksgiving! Since they can’t pass a damn stimulus to help people, but, they can question social media CEO’s and confirm another judge

Grassley was last at the Capitol on Monday, when he spoke on the Senate floor. He made a brief speech about the seriousness of the COVID-19 pandemic, and he was not wearing a mask while he spoke.

Stay healthy while killing people, please! Remember: virus is a hoax, don’t pass expensive relief to those in dire need, save it for the 0.1 percenters, and come out of isolation since straining hospitals and endangering 1st responders is a personal choice. Freedom!

Possibly sarcasm.

Maybe Sherrod Brown had a point when he implored Senators to wear masks? Did you check with Ted Cruz?

Yep, 2020.