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“Speaking of out of state, how’s Virginia?”


Josh Hawley (r) [2016 file photo].

Yesterday afternoon, in the Kansas City Star:

Josh Hawley, who owns a house in Virginia, uses sister’s home as Missouri address
NOVEMBER 18, 2020 03:55 PM
“She flies over us in her private plane, from family vacations with Chuck Schumer, to Hollywood fundraisers with Barack Obama, to her luxury condo in D.C. Claire McCaskill is just another Washington liberal,” Hawley said in a statement two months before the election.

Yesterday evening:

Josh Hawley @HawleyMO
It’s sad. The Google-KC Star has become a dumping ground for Democrat BS no other publication will run. Enjoy Iowa!
5:17 PM · Nov 18, 2020

That was sort of quick.

Some of the responses:

Your concern is noted. Is your concern that Iowa is now part of China?

Speaking of out of state, how’s Virginia?

After an exhausting day voting in an unqualified judge – but nary a bit of help for his constituents who are food insecure, housing insecure, dying – Josh still finds time to trash post. What a guy!

It’s sad. Senators used to represent all the people of the state-not just those who voted for them. KC and STL produce 60% of Missouri’s GDP and are the state’s population centers. It would be good to have a Senator who worked for/respected city residents too.

Josh Hawley committed voter fraud. When will these champions of vote integrity examine his vote?

Hawley rails against DC elites all the while he’s become one.

You’re clapping for Missourians losing their jobs. Can’t wait to clap when you lose yours.

All this time I was told that if you cut taxes, that would bring jobs to the state. could #MOLeg be wrong?

Also, YOU ARE BRAGGING ABOUT LOSING JOBS!!!! Did you sniff some of that construction glue while building your new home?

Way to make fun of people losing their jobs. You seem like you’re really in touch with life

Act like a United States Senator.


That sounds a lot like coastal elitism to me! How’s living at your sisters house, Josh?

How are you enjoying Virginia?

“Enjoy Iowa?” What does that mean?

Please stop acting like a child.

Fraud voter alert!

Josh flies over us in his private plane, from family vacations with Mitch McConnell, to Las Vegas fundraisers with Donald Trump, to his luxury house in D.C. Josh Hawley is just another Washington conservative.

We see what you did there.

How about maybe doing something about the refrigerated trucks stuffed with dead Missourians instead of shit posting like teenager? This is not what you’re paid for with my tax dollars.

What I really mean is: No, I don’t live in Missouri, but I need the people of Missouri to keep giving me a job.

Stop asking questions I don’t want to answer!

Dude. Read the room.

250,000+ dead of covid.
People unemployed/under employed.
People uninsured/under insured.
People losing housing during a pandemic.
Hospitals & schools need financial help.
Trump still refuses peaceful transition of power.

Get your priorities straight!

Your brand of privilege mixed with grievance is an insufferable bore.

You’re really just mad that the Star called you out for living in a $1.3 million home in Virginia, while pretending to be a Missourian by using your sister’s address. Kinda cuts against your whole Working Man cosplay.

Hmmmm. And you are located where? #hawleymustgo

Over 250,000 Americans are dead from Covid and Mr. Pro-life is worried about where a newspaper is printed. Glad you got your pro-life priorities in order.

Taking notes from the losing side, I see.

Take the path of a privileged, pathetic coward with a big mouth and go down swinging there, Joshie.

Oh you mean like how you moved to Virginia but still claim to represent Missouri? Keep talk out both sides of your mouth Senator.

Say, Josh, while you’re attacking all the coastal “elites”, where do you live? Apparently not in missouri? Virginia perhaps? Missouri deserves a senator who at least spent a significant amount of time in the state, not just a momentary senate launch site. #PoshJosh

What do you care? You live in Virginia. You seem like you just want to be a Twitter troll. Why don’t you just do that? Your self promotion is boring

You’re just mad that they think you’re an idiot. News flash: most of us do

This is what you are now? Just a shit-poster disguised as a politician?


Ladder climbing is such hard work.


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