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Josh Hawley [2016 file photo].

Ah, the Missouri “populist” speaketh:

Josh Hawley @HawleyMO
First Wall Street, now #BigTech lines up for Biden/Harris. The ruling class strikes back. That’s what this election is about
7:54 AM · Aug 12, 2020

And, some of the priceless responses:

“The ruling class” In MO that would be David Humphreys. “As Hawley’s biggest donor, this billionaire gave Hawley over $4 million, nearly 75% of his indiv donations for his AG’s campaign & Hawley has since ignored bipartisan calls to investigate Humphreys after allegations of p2p”

Josh Hawley (r) – October 2015 Quarterly Campaign Finance Report (October 18, 2015)

Contributions to Josh Hawley’s (r) 2016 Attorney General campaign for the third quarter – from the campaign’s October quarterly campaign finance report filed with the Missouri Ethics Commission.

We have the “best” politicians money can buy

Ah yes, the one ticket in our presidential history that doesn’t have an Ivy League graduate is for the “ruling class.”

Haha says the senator who went to Stanford and Yale who does nothing for us in Mo.

Ask him about his flatbed truck.

Yeah, it’s a shame she didn’t bootstrap her way through Rockhurst, Stanford and Yale the way you did, as a “man of the people”, Josh.

You are so caught up in the divide, mock, and ridicule posturing for your Fox & friends. What will it take for you to reach out and unite Missourians? #WorstGOPSenator #thirstyHawley

Can you even locate Missouri on a map?

That remains to be seen.

Dude, you only play a commoner on tv.

Not to worry, Josh. I’m sure one more round of Republican tax cuts for the rich will bring them back to you.

A Senator complaining about the ‘ruling class’?

Yeah, we noticed that, too.

FYI: Sen. Hawley went to an exclusive prep school, then to Stanford, and Yale Law school, clerked for the Supreme Court, then worked for a multinational elite corporate law firm. He is the very definition of ’elitist’ trying to position himself, falsely, as a blue-collar guy.

Don’t confuse Josh with facts.

For one who defends an Oligarchy, you certainly don’ seem like a Bolshevik. Your faux populism may play with a few, but not many.

Look at yourself, banker’s son. You went to the fancy high school of the patriarchy, and then to Stanford and Yale. You clerked for Roberts. Every inch of your path, the ruling class carried you along. Now you’re Trump’s Plus One. You want to draw comparisons?

Wow. A daughter of immigrants who attended an HBCU is now in “the ruling class”? Sounds like the American dream to me.

There is that.

So, some of the brightest minds, most successful entrepreneurs that created global powerhouse US companies are supporting candidates they believe will really #MAGA. Got it. Thanks for pointing that out Joshie.

Because the ruling class has been soooo devastated by the current administration.

Stanford to Ivy League Showboat Queen tells us about the elite.

Did you learn about the ruling class at Stanford or Yale?

Jeeves, my luggage to the lifeboat, stat!

Would you like some cheese with that whine?

Heh. Including a ladder reference would have made it a twofer. Adding a midday workout would have been a threefer.

So tweets a card-carrying member of the ruling class.

Republicans literally gave the ruling class massive tax cuts. You rose the deficit for that, the largest in history.

Is it hard to run under hypocrisy?

republicans consider that a feature, not a bug.

Bahahaha what class do you represent, Hawley? When’s the last time you were in Missouri? Daddy trump certainly doesn’t represent us. And I know you don’t either… this angle isn’t working for you. Better say something about Hong Kong.

The party of *checks notes* socialists and wall street…. you guys really are clowns

Didn’t you support the ruling class tax cut?

this is hilarious coming from a guy who doesn’t know the difference between a flatbed truck and a trailer. also, you went to rockhurst, stanford, and yale, so maybe sit the “elitist” bullshit on the back burner, j-dog.

That about sums it all up.

Ivy League patrician mocking the “ruling class”. That’s “rich”. Do you support Trump’s promise to defund Social Security and Medicare?

U are bad at your job

The good thing for him – he considers it just another step on the ladder.

The ruling class apparently excludes preppy, Ivy-educated lawyers whose daddies were bankers like you?

The ruling class? You are an Ivy League US Senator. Stop.

Disingenuous political hack thinks voters are too stupid to know Republicans are in power.

Republicans attacking Democrats as the party of “the ruling class” will never, ever stop being frigging hysterical!!

And where did you go to school? Oh yes, Stanford and Yale. You are a phony.

So the President isn’t part of the ruling class? It’s gotta be so weird to have to constantly pretend to be a victim.

You went to Stanford and Yale. Spare me “the ruling class” bullshit, Chauncey.

LOL. Have you looked at your own pedigree?

You’re a clown.

And who are you?

Senator Kamala Harris (D) [2019 file photo].


Senator Claire McCaskill (D) – town hall in Warrensburg – Press Q and A – August 17, 2017 (August 17, 2017)

What passes for a flatbed truck at “…Yale, I think, or Harvard, one of those, one of those fancy ones…” (August 16, 2018)