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Accessed this morning, in Missouri:

Missouri DHSS web site – July 26, 2020.

Yesterday morning:

Mike Parson @mikeparson
Joe Biden is showing how out of touch he is by calling these peaceful protests.

Americans want law and order, and I support President @realDonaldTrump for making sure that our citizens are protected.
11:08 AM · Jul 25, 2020

Some of the responses:

Yeah, the lady with the flowers was a REAL threat…pft

In another state.

Hey just a question have 145,000 Americans died of graffiti and fireworks or no? Maybe your guy who goes golfing every fucking weekend and said ‘it is what it is’ could show how in touch he is and ADDRESS THE PANDEMIC that is killing people.

Like when Trump tear-gassed peaceful protestors to have his crazy photo op with the bible? He took an oath to serve all Americans and he has only been a bully to anyone that doesn’t agree with him. Any president that expects total loyalty… I’d say he wants to be a dictator!

Governor, when do you plan to visit the protests to speak with your constituents about their concerns for white supremacy & systemic racism?

You’re making a lot of statements based off of what you’ve seen on Fox News and not in person.

You sound like a fascist.

Actually, Mike, how many people have been killed by protesters? The only physical violence I’ve seen is from Trump troopers gassing moms with bike helmets and dads with leaf blowers. You’re assessment is dead wrong.

Dude. This mess is TRUMP’S America we’re living in.

Looks like illegal militia and corrupt cops

THIS is what the TRUMP PRESIDENCY looks like.

Yup, someone’s gotta save us from terrorist moms.

Governor Mike Parson (r) [2018 file photo].