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This morning. No masks.

Governor Mike Parson @GovParsonMO
Starting the morning down in Joplin today. Teresa and I visited CDL Electric Company to talk with staff about the adjustments the company made during the shutdown as an essential business and what safety measures are in place to help keep employees and customers safe.
8:54 AM · May 4, 2020

“…Safety measures…”

What a menace to public health. Well, was everyone tested for COVID-19 before the photo-op? Or was everyone in attendance a right wingnut anti-science moron? Just asking.

The responses are priceless:

What a great invisible face mask, Governor? Where did you get it?

Good for you! Shake some hands, sir! Breathe those droplets in deeply!

Seriously? No masks?
Bad example Governor.

Discussing safety measures—without wearing masks.

Nice mask. Did you make that yourself?

Set an example for Missourians. Wear a mask.


Dumbshit isn’t wearing a mask. Missourians, we are screwed

Is this satire? You’re discussing how to keep employees and customers safe and you aren’t wearing a mask? You are an utter joke and a clown and I can’t wait to be one of the many Missourians who votes you out in November.

“Is this satire?…” Sadly, no.

And if the employers in this get-together aren’t wearing masks, do you trust them to protect their employees?

And no mask on?

Wear a mask you fucking idiot


Don’t be like Mike Parson (r).

Stay Home. Wash your hands. Don’t touch your face. Good luck to us all.


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