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Josh Hawley (r) [2016 file photo].

Yesterday afternoon:

Josh Hawley @HawleyMO
Took time off? Excuse me? I never left DC. I remained at my duty station, on call, waiting for Nancy Pelosi to send us a bill to act on. And now the country is again waiting for your party to stop playing pathetic partisan games & PASS RELIEF for Missouri & the nation

Alex Witt @alexandriajwitt
Listen, I agree. I just wish Josh Hawley had felt this way last weekend when he took three days off to grill while a pandemic was spreading like wild fire: [….]

3:19 PM · Mar 23, 2020

High dudgeon, that’s always a good look for a right wingnut politician.

Ten days ago: Sen. Josh Hawley (r): things to joke about on vacation while wearing a white button down shirt during a pandemic and national emergency (March 14, 2020)

Some of the comments:

Josh Hawley: So why don’t Dems cut the BS and do something to help real people, like the thousands of Missourians awaiting direct cash relief who can’t get it because your party won’t answer the call

#NotDying4WallStreet #NotDyingForWallStreet

Partisan games? Which party is trying to give handouts to big corporations? Which party isn’t pushing for the Defense Protection Act to be enacted?
Your tweet itself is part of partisan game you’ve been playing since you took office.

No one said you left DC. We know you don’t have a house in Missouri.


Why, yes he did.

How about you making sure this bill doesn’t make your private donors pockets thicker while we can’t feed our children!

The GOP and fake populist @HawleyMO are trying to pass a massive bank bailout and corporate slush fund for their billionaire donors — stop noticing peasants!

We’re waiting for y’all to get serious about helping *small* business people and not your wealthy donors like the one I spoke to on Sunday.

Maybe if there wasn’t a $500B fund that Steve Munchin directly decides which corporations get the money and he won’t have to disclose who they are is why the pesky Dems aren’t letting you all railroad us again like in the bank bailout fiasco

Explain the Mnuchin money please. This constituent wants to know.

It’s time for Republicans like you and #MoscowMitch to put American families first.

A $500 billion slush fund for corporations with no oversight is ridiculous. We have to ensure our tax dollars these companies receive goes to their workers — not their CEOs.

Cut the faux military talk “duty station” crap. You were grilling thick steaks on your deck. At your residence in the DC area. I’m not shaming you for cooking your dinner, just don’t make it sound like you are a soldier on sentry duty.

The Senate was off. You weren’t waiting for a call to go back so cut the shit

Why you need a secret half a trillion dollar slush fund?

Do you ever come back to Mo? McConnell dismissed the Senate for a three day weekend while the House was working.

YOU and the GOP are the ones playing games putting big business ahead of the workers.

Send who a bill? Your fearless leader was in Kentucky celebrating with the known perpetrator of sexual assault you all forced onto the Supreme Court.

There’s that, too.

Josh Hawley (r) [2016 file photo].