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He ain’t the brightest bulb in the chandelier:

Josh Hawley @HawleyMO
“Social distancing” = grill time
5:23 PM · Mar 14, 2020

You on some kind of paid vacation during a national emergency? Do your job, schmuck.

Oh, and fire your social media staff.

Some of the responses:

So this is what you’re doing while a relief bill sits on Mitch’s desk.

As more Americans panic over the deadly #COVIDー19

Worried about their health, their loved ones and their jobs

A Senator

Who could actually do something if his party didn’t decide to take the weekend off instead

Treats it like a vacation [….]

Or you and the Senate could be back in DC voting on the House passed and President approved legislation.

You should be at the Senate voting on the Families First bill to get assistance out to the people but here you are home grilling and having fun instead.

Those are not Missouri values. You need to get your priorities straight.

GOP Senators @JohnCornyn & @HawleyMO posting ‘chillin’-on-the-weekend’ pics on a weekend where so many first-responders, nurses, docs & local #MO agencies are still scrambling for basic #COVID19 tests, info. & support?

They, like their leader, revel in the cruelty.

When will you be back working like House us to help your constituents in this rough time?

You clearly don’t get it.

Hope you’re making enough to share with all the people who are facing food insecurity while they wait for the #FamiliesFirstBill to pass.


@HawleyMO I am a lifelong Missourian who runs a small business. We have been down here on the ground making *excruciating* decisions about the health and safety of our employees and their financial stability and ours.
With almost no testing, we are in the dark. DO YOUR JOB.

Could you get us some ventilators instead, please?

Why would a sick constituent have to interrupt a senator’s social distancing to find a pathway to a simple diagnostic test for a serious illness? I can’t wait to vote. [….]

It’s all fun and games until your constituents die in a pandemic. Good times, huh Josh?

How about going back to DC and working?

Nice not having to worry about financial deviation or lack of health care and can just grill stakes, how about we do something for your constituents

Nice to see Moscow Mitch gave you 3 days off before voting on the “emergency” coronavirus aid pkg. Pro tip: when you run for the GOP POTUS nomination in ’24, might want to rethink the white christian nationalism thing since it’s both neo-fascist and, um, utterly incompetent.

Josh “Chuckles”Hawley does not get it. He is living in a Norman Rockwell painting, while playing the role of “Josef Mengele” in the senate and on Fox News. Destroying healthcare protections for millions of Americans is the one thing that makes him get up and go to work each day!

This has a real Let Them Eat Cake vibe.

Hawley grilling while his constituents despair over their lack of access to tests, medical care, and money.

What a frickin’ elitist you are.

Or you could be in Washington, doing your job
to work on the legislation that the House has passed,
to — you know — respond to the needs of citizens
affected by the Coronavirus.

You’re a disgrace to your office.
Enjoy your steak.

What an insensitive, oblivious post.

Glad you are enjoying your free time @HawleyMO, you should join @JohnCornyn
for a drink. I’m sure the hospital staff around the world think you earned time off.

Meanwhile where’s @senatemajldr & why isn’t he putting Americans’ safety & well-being 1st this weekend?


FFS Hawley! Why has Kentucky Illlinois Alabama surpassed us in cases? Our numbers are inaccurate because we can’t get tested! And you’re fucking grillin?!?!!

You are blatantly displaying your privilege, come to you by dark corrupt money while many of your constituency will suffer from this crisis. You disgust me.

Go ahead and put your happy face on it all. When the deaths come rolling in in your state I hope that steak bites you in the ass.

Go to work and do your f**king job protecting your constituents.

Let them eat steak, eh Senator Elite? God, we deserve so much better in our state than what we have.

You’re an obnoxious asshat. You should be leading instead of acting like an overgrown frat boy. Republicans wouldn’t know leadership if it came up & booped them on the nose. I feel sorry for your constituents.
If you don’t want to do your job, resign.

You do realize there’s a bill concerning coronavirus just sitting in Washington that was overwhelmingly passed by the House and approved by the President, right??? And, you’re fucking grilling a steak with the rest of the Senate??? FUCK YOU!


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