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Yesterday on Twitter:

Josh Hawley @HawleyMO
Got to help out on the grill at the Steak Fry #MOSen
6:00 PM – 9 Jun 2018

It reeks of authenticity.

Some of the comments:

I don’t trust someone who EATS bbq in a shirt that white. If he’s doing the grilling, hard pass.

Pro-tip: wearing a white shirt while grilling makes it look like this is just a photo opp for you.

Dude carried a tray of food. Bravo. You’re really an everyman for that.

White shirt with rolled sleeves. He’s only missing the over long red tie. What everyone wears to work the grill don’t you know. Worst photo op ever.

watcha cooking there? chicken?

Fella next to you looks worried you’re gonna drop that.

Did your grilling buddies give you dark money too?

Terrible photo op. Look so out of place.

You picked up a fuckin tray dude.