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Blame Canada?

Representative Vicky Hartzler (r) [2016 file photo].

Via Twitter today:

Rep. Vicky Hartzler @RepHartzler
Praying for Summit between @POTUS & Kim Jong Un. Historic opportunity for positive progress in world peace, human rights, and security for Korean peninsula.
8:57 AM – 10 Jun 2018

Some of the replies:

I’m sure your prayers will be as successful as they have been for school shootings.

That one would have left a mark if she actually cared.

Don’t worry. Trump likes dictators. They’ll get along famously!

Yet you sit silent as he tears us apart from our closest #Allies

Says the Congresswoman who only barely supports human rights in America.

What do you think about the President single-handedly destroying the alliance of western powers that’s existed since World War II? How about those western values?

To be fair, John Bolton (r) was there, too.

So…. I still gotta wonder….. How do you get anything done with all that praying you do?

But before he goes he insults our allies?! He is a petulant child that is destroying America & @GOP is complicit for letting this happen

I don’t care about North Korea. I care about #America. You and #Trump and #GOP are destroying #USA.

Vicky stands strong in her faith. Faith to rip children away from their parents, faith to take health insurance away from the poor, sick and children. Faith to line her own pockets with tax breaks for the wealthy and farm subsidies for wealthy farmers. But WWJD?

Trump will come out and say nice things about a brutal dictator while he trashes our allies. Trump and the GOP are traitors. Trump and the GOP are Russian Stooges. History won’t be kind to Vicky and the GOP. We will never forget. #traitors

Prayer is not a strategy.

Your silence and that of almost the entire @GOP regarding the treatment of our closest allies is astounding. Will you ever put American interests over your devotion to a reckless dictator wannabe?

Prayer is for morons.

You’re an idiot. Jesus fucking Christmas.

Don’t hold anything back there.