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Yesterday, from a republican:

Romney Delivers Remarks on Impeachment Vote
Wednesday, February 5, 2020

….This verdict is ours to render. The people will judge us for how well and faithfully we fulfilled our duty. The grave question the Constitution tasks senators to answer is whether the President committed an act so extreme and egregious that it rises to the level of a “high crime and misdemeanor.”

Yes, he did.

The President asked a foreign government to investigate his political rival.

The President withheld vital military funds from that government to press it to do so.

The President delayed funds for an American ally at war with Russian invaders.

The President’s purpose was personal and political.

Accordingly, the President is guilty of an appalling abuse of the public trust.

What he did was not “perfect”— No, it was a flagrant assault on our electoral rights, our national security interests, and our fundamental values. Corrupting an election to keep oneself in office is perhaps the most abusive and destructive violation of one’s oath of office that I can imagine….

Well, then.

Vicky Hartzler (r) [2016 file photo].

Yesterday afternoon:

Rep. Vicky Hartzler @RepHartzler
Not guilty.
3:22 PM · Feb 5, 2020

As usual, there is much hilarity in the response:

#AmericansFindTrumpGuilty NOT EXONERATED #GOPCoverup

The president and his staffed admitted to the crimes publicly.

Acquitted but admitted guilty.

Guilty as sin by his own admissions. Ever the sycophant.

Of course, we all know he is though, don’t we? Any additional crimes are on you.

donating to your opponent. have a nice day.

I like presidents who haven’t been impeached.

Trump? He’s guilty as hell. The Bidens, not guilty but Trump got exactly what he wanted out of this charade- dirtying a good man’s reputation.

You can’t be “not guilty” when your trial doesn’t consist of witnesses or evidence.

History will remember this treachery and abdication of constitutional duty

He’s guilty and you know it.

Vicky hartzler is a joke

#ForeverImpeached Acquitted, not exonerated.

That’s not what that guy you all voted for 8 years ago says.

Shame on you!

Not guilty is not the same as innocent. It simply means they fear Trump more than the voters and history. We all know the man is guilty as hell.

Still impeached and an awful man. And you’re complicit.

The republic has failed

Not exonerated

Oh, Vicky, he’s guilty all right.

Rigged jury.

Still impeached. Forever!

Complicit in the cover up. Yes you are.

It’s incredible anyone can say that with a straight face. You don’t want him gone… bc you like who and what he is. Gross but ok. But his guilt isn’t even in question. He obviously did that shit.

Sure let’s act like it was a fair trial. Let’s pretend republicans weren’t bias in this trial. Let’s pretend the republicans didn’t block witnesses from testifying. You are seriously so stupid. Go represent the great state of Kansas and get out of Missouri.

Oh, the Orange Menace is guilty. You just don’t have the moral courage to do anything about it.

He is clearly Guilty! And you are also guilty of a cover-up!

As it should be, Way to go Senate, except for Romney (Traitor)

It starts.

So you think it’s appropriate for a sitting president to use congressionally appropriated aid as leverage to coerce a FOREIGN GOVERNMENT into interfering in a US election to his benefit?


And Mitt Romney is the traitor? Give me a break…

Bad combover. Check. Too long red tie. Check. Orange spray tan. Check. Tiny hands. Check. Cluelessness. Check…