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Josh Hawley (r) [2016 file photo].

Instead, he appears on the GOP propaganda network. Late last night:

Josh Hawley @HawleyMO
.@seanhannity had me on to discuss tonight: Nancy Pelosi & the Dems are afraid to try their phony impeachment case. They want to stop Senate trial. Maybe forever. Senate has to fight back!
9:27 PM · Jan 6, 2020

He doth protest too much, methinks.


Some of the responses:

Because it is phony, you have no problem in having Bolton testify before the entire Senate, right?

Wow the insanity of the right can’t get worse – or can it. John Bolton will testify – so let him and if he proves President Trump innocent that is better than pretending he wasn’t impeached – he was!!!!

“They don’t have any evidence.”?
They have plenty of testimony in the House Intelligence committee that shows Trump soliciting a bribe (a favor) from Ukraine and using military aid as leverage.

Trump’s escalating panic and McConnell’s struggling to prevent Republican defections as new witnesses and information keep appearing would suggest otherwise.

Seriously, your smug smile, I dare you to have a real trial. No one misunderstands your eagerness to dismiss…May history treat you with brutal honesty…

You are a total stooge for the party. Do you stand for anything?

Thank God Twitter doesn’t play sound automatically so my ears aren’t abused by your fake man of the people act.

It wasn’t a flatbed.

This is NOT partisan! A fair trial with witnesses is not an unreasonable request. Aren’t you fighting the wrong fight?

I didn’t want you in office either. I don’t know why you’re trashing Pelosi when the Senate rules haven’t been agreed on. Why don’t you get to work on that?

It’s a sad day when a California representative is looking out for me and my country more than my own Senator.

Well, it is her job.

You have got to be kidding. Vote to call @AmbJohnBolton to testify, then we’ll see the dog and pony show you have for us.

Fox and Friends in the morning and Hannity at night. You have plenty of time Basic Cable Pravda but no will to host Town Halls in your *ahem* home state.

You just don’t get it. Remarkable. How did you get through Yale on your own?

“Afraid” and “Nancy Pelosi” do not belong in the same sentence, unless you’re admitting you’re afraid of her.

@HawleyMO a disgrace to his State & his Country. His words & actions will find him out. Signed His Constituent.

Go on a real news network youngster.

I truly believe he is going to be President one day

Now that the bar is so low.

Again… Reminder: You are a public servant not a Fox News contributor. You have been in the Senate a year now, would be nice if you hosted your first town hall.

I like senators I can respect….and Josh isn’t a person I can respect.

It makes my stomach hurt that he supposedly represents our state to the rest of the country & the world.

You disgrace our state. Shameful. I’d ask you to come to Kansas City to discuss, bit that would interfere with all of your Fox News airtime. Would never want to do that….

Is it so hard to come up with Senate rules for a trial, and to call relevant witnesses? Are you so desperate to get the articles because your guy just keeps criming?

Your first problem is associating yourself with Hannity. Seriously, Josh, your decision to go on his show just screams partisanship.
Oh, and by the way, could you talk Trump off the ledge, please?

Did not know who you were before tonight. I saw a few minutes of your interview w/Hannity. Dear lord! Is every single US Senator as dimwitted as you. Clueless re decency, patriotism, facts, the Constitution….we need leaders in the Senate who give a damn re the truth and Anerica

Hawley, you are a fool. You have fallen into the trap of narcissism. Get some witnesses. Let Bolton, and the others testify. American people want the truth. You are stopping it.

You’re an embarrassment to MO and worse than that, you’re spreading false information. Wanting to call witnesses doesn’t sound like a “phony case,” it sounds like an honest one.

Thanks for clearly stating you support a corrupt asshat over your country

“Faux News channel, fascist groupies” – protest sign, circa 2003- 2004.


Koch Money: because Josh Hawley (r) will never need to hold over fifty open public town halls across Missouri (October 7, 2018)

Whereupon Josh Hawley (r) suddenly discovers that he has over 6,000,000 constituents (January 10, 2019)