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Representative Vicky Hartzler (r) [2018 file photo].

This morning:

Rep. Vicky Hartzler @RepHartzler
This weekend, another House Democrat said he will not be voting for Speaker Pelosi impeachment of @realDonaldTrump.

The only bipartisanship found throughout this inquiry has been in opposing this unfair and tainted political process to undermine our President.
8:39 AM · Dec 16, 2019

And, of course, there was much hilarity in the responses:

This is not an argument against the facts of what Trump did. If Trump did nothing impeachable, explain why his actions are perfectly fine.

Another Member puts reelection ahead of oath to defend the Constitution. Such is human nature. A certain percentage of us will do what’s best for ourselves & betray our nation. You are one of those people, Vicky. Review your oath of office and then the evidence against trump.

The Republicans I know & grew up with would NOT stand for what this Preisdent has done to rule of law. Unfair is the Senators who aren’t willing to be even listen to the EVIDENCE at hand once the trial actually begins. You serve the PEOPLE of Missouri, not this egotistical man.

If you vote for impeachment, it becomes bipartisan.

Right now, you’re saying “I’m following whatever others do b/c I’m too afraid to lead. And if my friends vote to impeach I will too.”

The time for hiding + cowardice is over. The standard is probable cause not bipartisanship.

Anyone else remember when the @GOP would have demanded witnesses testify and documents be produced? What happened Vicky? Why did you decide to turn your back on your oath, your voters and your country?

Look at the facts!!! There has been bribery, obstruction of justice, collusion with a Foreign government to rig free elections, and constant violation of the Emollument clause. It is not partisan to protect the Constitution.

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It’s clear that the @GOP will not protect our constitution and there is no doubt that we will see more @GOP voter suppression along with more criminal behavior. The @GOP is an international disgrace. #UnfitForOffice #MoreIndictmentsComing

Worst. President. Ever.

Focus on the facts. Trump is a criminal tyrant. The facts speak for themselves.

I think you are forgetting someone. There isn’t anyone left in the GOP party with ethics. They either retired or left the party. You can have the dems who support your version of authoritarian govt. We will take them out in the next election.

Did you make an oath to the Constitution or Trump?

They uttered some words. . .

Shame on you Vicky. You have abdicated your sworn duty and are a disgrace. How can you stare his crimes in the face and shrug them off?

Are you complicit, corrupt, or incompetent?

The GOP is complicit in the criminal Presidency. Won’t you get the same shitty judges and policies with President Mike?

He doesn’t instill the same fear.

It proves Republicans don’t give a shit about the US Constitution or the laws of our Country

I don’t think you know what the word ‘unfair’ means.

That, too.

You are a disgrace.

Your president is an insult to #American government. Opposing him is an act patriotism.

How’s that Koolaid tasting?

You’re a goddamned disgrace to the country. Trump committed and directed crimes and you know it. He’s still got Rudy out there obtaining fradulent evidence against the Bidens in furtherance of his crime

Your pres is a lazy unfit incompetent narcissistic jerk, guilty of bribery, extortion, and obstruction.

Representative Vicky Hartzler (r) [2016 file photo].