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Rep. Vicky Hartzler (r) [2016 file photo].

Rep. Vicky Hartzler @RepHartzler
For 6 weeks, @SpeakerPelosi and @RepAdamSchiff have been selectively leaking portions of the transcripts in an effort to build a pre-emptive narrative against @realDonaldTrump.

Following House Rule XI, all materials need to be made available to all Members of Congress.

9:55 AM · Nov 6, 2019


Pearl clutching, too.

Again, there was much hilarity in the responses:

And here we have another one not paying attention to the turning tide. Better get on board Hartzler before the Trumptanic goes down. There’s ice in the water. Impeach Trump!

“I gotta get to the airport”


Inquiry or not, Trump pressured foreign governments to interfere in U.S. elections on live television, on the White House lawn in broad daylight and made it as clear as possible.

You can’t honestly sit there & tell the ppl YOU work for that you have to “wait on the facts”

Remember the summary of the Mueller report that was released by Barr that outright lied about what the report said? I do.

There are republicans on the committee. If there was anything favorable to y’all, it would be leaked. You’re hiding behind this talking point.

Cool, cool. Are you going to read them? Cause they all corroborate the same thing: Trump held our taxpayer dollars hostage from a congressionally approved purpose to extort a foreign leader to politcally benefit himself.

Hi @RepHartzler I saw the video of you scurrying off from a reporter asking you if you think it’s ok for a President to seek help find dirt on an opponent. “I got to get to the airport” seems like a poor excuse to answer a yes or no question. Shameful.

Do us a favor when you see it. Read it. Read every word. It’s damning to your president and those who serve him. That includes you.

We are watching to see what you do. Are you going to stand up for our Country and Constitution or are you going to go down with your party?

this is a party ordered tweet. look at the members of the GOP and note their frantic, party line tweets. They do as they’re told. They lie as they’re told.

Are you even reading these releases? Why are you still arguing process? Oh, right…you have nothing to say on substance, because sticking with Trump is a winning stance. Good luck. May history judge you.

Yes, let’s follow rules!

It’s against the rules to withhold federal aid to a foreign country until said country helps you win re-election.

It’s against the rules for people to break into a SCIF, especially with their damn cell phones on and recording.

Well, yes.

Trump’s DOJ/Bill Barr is the only party guilty of “pre-emptive narratives.” His memo dismissing Mueller rept, misleading the country, and furthering a conspiracy theory that “Ukraine did it! Not Russia!” which has led us here, against findings of ALL US INTEL is blatantly corrupt

Republicans have been part of every one of those depositions. And the transcripts will keep coming. You are looking for Mr. Volker’s, I presume?

Been reading it. You know, it’s easily available from the House Intelligence Committee web site.

You’re not interested in reading. You are just prolonging the inevitable.
Abuse of power
Obstruction of Congress
Using the office of the Presidency for personal gain.
Aiding and abetting a foreign power

Be careful what you wish for.
All will be revealed.


Oh, now GOP wants to follow rules? How about starting with testifying when subpoenaed?

I know you might be at the airport, but do you think it’s ok for the president to ask a foreign government to interfere in our election? Pretty easy yes or no question

Just focus on getting to the Airport.

Chicken shit!! Answer the question!!

Did you make it to the airport?

Will you actually read them? Your colleagues are already saying they’ll refuse to read any transcripts.

Sounds a bit like a pre-emptive decision to me.


They weren’t leaks they were opening statements that is different then actual testimony. This shouldn’t have be explained to you.

Until the completely un-redacted notes of the Ukraine call are released, and the completely un-redacted Mueller report are released, you’re just another hypocritical Trumper sycophant.

Well, yes.

She doesn’t hold town halls, that is why folks have to ask questions on Twitter platform, of course she doesn’t respond.

Well, yes.

Vicky Hartzler has become Missouri’s version of Devin Nunes!

Do you think it’s ok for a President of the Unites States to solicit help from a foreign government for political purposes. #ExtortionistTrump

Is it ok for a president to ask a foreign government to interfere in our elections?

You can’t answer a simple f-ing question whether or not its ok to shake down a country for dirt on an opponent. Yes or No?

Congresswoman, do you think it’s okay for the president to pressure foreign governments to I reference in our elections? Asking for a friend, they’re still waiting on your answer.

Not like he isn’t building his own narrative for impreachment.

Why? You guys are saying you’re not going to read it anyway.

Sondland testified Trump and Pence committed crimes of quid pro quo….

Be careful what you say to @SpeakerPelosi, she might be our new president.

the depositions are being released.

you know that.

Why won’t you say whether you think it is okay for a President to extort taxpayer money from an ally unless they interfere in our elections? It is a simple yes or no question. Do you uphold the constitution or not?

And you know why we know that none of the testimonies help Trump, because Republicans haven’t leaked them already.

Face it Vicky, you are part of the most corrupt party in our nations history and all you have left is to complain about the process.

And then, like Lindsey Graham, they’ll choose not to read or believe it if it shows Trump did anything wrong. You’re another spineless coward that can’t even answer a straight question. Do your job.

You mean like the Barr memo?

Why are you defending a criminal in office #ExtortionistTrump

Until the had the formal hearing @RepHartzler it was an investigation. I guess you’re not bright enough to know that or just stupid and want to chime in and go along with the other ignorant republicans say keep saying this stupid shit over and over again. Join the idiots.

Hey Vicky what are your thoughts on Presidential Bribery ? You have your own thoughts ?

Bad combover. Check. Too long red tie. Check. Orange spray tan. Check. Tiny hands. Check. Cluelessness. Check…


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