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He’s not the brightest bulb in the chandelier.

This morning:

Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump
The so-called Whistleblower’s account of my perfect phone call is “way off,” not even close. Schiff and Pelosi never thought I would release the transcript of the call. Got them by surprise, they got caught. This is a fraud against the American people!
8:58 AM · Oct 5, 2019

Some of the responses:

The whistleblower complaint corroborates the call summary, both of which prove you conspired with Ukraine.

He’s playing to moronic base. Let him have his moment

“Schiff and Pelosi never thought I would release the transcript of the call.”

Because even as stupid as you are, nobody thought you would be stupid enough to giddily release something that incriminates you that badly.

Have someone who knows how to read read it to you some time.

You never released the transcript of the call, and the highly redacted summary you released confirms the report.

The “transcript” is what incriminated him. It’s unambiguous.

Trump impeached himself.

Your transcript proved your guilt

The White House memo from the call (not a transcript) confirms the whistleblowers allegations about the call.

Hey Bubbles, you gotta make up your mind whether what you said was perfect or if the whistleblower was lying. Can’t be both, because, well, the rest of us are capable of reading.

But most of his supporters aren’t.

You realize Twitter is not your diary right?

The guy who won’t release his tax returns and who is personally profiting from the presidency now wants us to believe that he is concerned about corruption in Ukraine!

Are the text messages with Volker perfect too?

You do know we can read. This must be for your supporters, who don’t.

What the “transcript” says is what you’ve been accused of saying.

He’s just not that bright, is he?


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