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A review, this morning:

Adam Serwer @AdamSerwer
Mueller testified that the president is an unprosecuted felon. His testimony however, lacked a compelling musical number.
4:21 AM · Jul 25, 2019

Some of the responses:

Mueller’s testimony did not meet standards of reality show dramatics and in turn, was a bust. Media is stuck on stupid when it comes to covering Trump presidency. Media and some in public wanted theatrical pronouncements of Trumps guilt. Because we didn’t get it, Mueller a dud

So, what does the educated & rational public do when the press has turned into an entertainment machine?

It’s total saturation. “Journalists” and reporters now do this as part of their DNA & most seem to have zero insight

The idea that all this needs to be reality TV is the most damning aspect of American culture


What, me worry? (July 24, 2019)