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Someone doesn’t like CLEAN Missouri restrictions on lobbying expenditures:

Robert Cornejo @CornejoForMO
This great idea is banned here in Missouri #moleg thanks to the unconstitutional sham of Clean Missouri! People of all political stripes should get together over a drink and work towards common ground. Prost!

Harpoon Brewery @harpoonbrewery
Govt shutdowns impact all of us. As a brewery, we can’t get approvals needed to keep new beers headed your way. We’re asking our reps to share a beer (on us) with a colleague and help America’s brewers get back to doing what we do. So all of you…

12:36 PM – 12 Jan 2019

You want a brewer to buy you a beer?

Uh, at least use the correct spin. The beer purveyor’s post was about the #TrumpShutdown. You know, a federal issue. Own it, dude.

And, Claire McCaskill (D) lands a punch:

Claire McCaskill @clairecmc
Whooaaaa. There is nothing in CLEAN Missouri that stops YOU or any other legislator from buying a beer for your colleagues, no matter what their party. Says a lot that you think LOBBYISTS buying you booze is necessary for the work towards common ground.
12:55 PM – 12 Jan 2019


Heh. That’s our Claire. This beer’s for you…